Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Show down...

Philadelphia is a vibrant cultural city and there are many theater groups in town presenting unique stage experiences for the public.

Two independent companies Brat Productions and Tapestry Theatre were scheduled to perform a version of the musical "Grease" with an all female cast. No big deal right? Of course not.

The lawyers for Samuel French Inc. the play's licensing agent has sent a cease and desist to the production saying that the all female cast is not approved.Even under the additional premise that a girl's high school was staging the show. They want to close the production down. They apparantly suffer from cranial-rectum disease and have their heads up their ass.

If the issue cannot be settled the theatre troupe will gamely stage a talent show called "Grease and Desist".

I'm rooting for the women to prevail in this case. I think society will still be able to function just because women want to play the T-Birds.

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