Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sick Bay Bunny...

Late last night I noticed Baxter was acting a bit funny. She kept running to her litter box and jumping out then when she was around me or in the room she would suddenly make a "I have to pee" motion and let out a little cry. We've seen this in rabbits before. Our former bunny Jay had bladder problems due to his old age but Baxter is only a 1 year old.

We are fortunate that the bunnies go to great vets who really know and understand rabbit health problems. Baxter went to the vet today and the diagnosis was she had Bladder sludge. It does happen sometimes and we caught it early. It's treatable. You can read more about it and I know you all want to.

You:"I can't watch those "American Idol" finals or the "Lost" cliffhanger...I have to read a good article on rabbit bladder sludge!"

Baxter got fluids and medicine and is doing ok back home. She ate a little and I'm trying to let her rest. I'll keep everybody posted on her condition. She loves fan mail you know.

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