Thursday, May 12, 2005

A Tale of Two Ambers...

One of the best results of creating this blog has been making new friends from around the world. Occasionally I like to mention other blogs that inspire me or that I really enjoy reading.

Today's post is a shout out to two regular readers who comment and have wonderful pages of their own.

They are both named Amber. Up until last year I never knew anyone named Amber. Now these two usually send a daily hello my way via the blog comments and have turned out to become F.O.P.'s- Friends of Pratt.

We have East Coast Amber and West Coast Amber. Take a bow ladies. I have to call them that because if I am telling a story about something on their blogs to Mrs. Pratt, the abundence of Ambers gets I started calling them East Coast and West Coast Amber.

You both have a great sense of humor in your writing. Your blogs keep improving over the many months. I hope one day that west coast meets east coast, maybe at JournalCon 2005.

But I appreciate your friendship and readership. I hope the Two Ambers say hello to each other sometime.

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