Monday, June 27, 2005

Monday Bunday

These photos are maybe a few months old..Mrs. Pratt has the camera with her in Scotland. Next Monday will be a patriotic Monday Bunday for the 4th of July.

Princess looking down on her kingdom.

Greyton looking a little shaggy.

Baxter enjoying life amongst her many toys.

Twizzle likes to sit like this-with paws on the hearth and usually a pine cone or alfalfa cube nearby to munch.Such a hard bunny life.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Feeling Better...

The Medicam is working for Princess Jewel. By today she is able to walk (or hop) a lot better. She hasn't fallen over at all. Her appetite is still good along with her interest in hay. I feel a lot better as well and not stressing so much about the situation. Giving her the medicine is easy. She likes the taste of it.

I was finally able to get in touch with Mrs. Pratt to tell her what's been going on. She is having a wonderful time in Scotland but was quite concerned about Princess.

Greyton ran upstairs this morning and touched noses a few times with her at her gate. Kind of a get-well nudge I guess.

Thanks again for all the kind comments.

Friday, June 24, 2005


We saw the vet at 11:30 this morning. I had been up until 2am with Princess making her comfortable. This morning she was hungry for her carrot and cheerios.

She had x-rays done, in case there was a spinal tumor causing this..but nothing showed up. Possible brain tumor but that would take MRI's and catscan's and given her advanced age not too much could be done.

But I haven't given up on her. The Dr. recommends Metacam , a med to help with osteoarthritis twice a day. I'll do this at least for the next week. Her appetite is still good (she ate all her salad last night hand fed by me)and she is still fighting despite the slight discomfort. This afternoon she was able to use her legs a little. I have her in one of her favorite spots on blankets. She's very comfortable.

Mrs. Pratt is incommunicado and this is driving me crazy. She is in the middle of travelling from Scotland through England to visit a friend of her mother's. I've left messages but she hasn't got back to me. She'll return to America next Friday, and we'll see how Princess Jewel is doing then and if we have to decide that putting her down is the best thing.

I want to thank all my friends in the blogging community who have left messages of support. It 's a big bag of suck to have to go through this by myself. I truly appreciate those sending good wishes our way.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Princess Jewel...

Princess Jewel, our oldest bunny(almost 10) is really having a difficult time with old age. About 2 months ago we noticed that sometimes when she is lying down she couldn't stand up under her own power. So we would have to give her a little assist.

We've spoken with our vet about this - it's arthritis due to her advanced age.(10 is pretty old for a bunny)if she was brought in there wasn't too much that could be done for her.

Her hopping as slowed down some , this morning she seemed fine and was following me around for breakfast as usual. She still has her appetite.

But today when I got home from work she was flopped out and couldn't get up.After I helped her and steadied her a bit she still wasn't able to walk. I knew it was serious when after 2 hours she still couldn;t really walk.

The vet office closes at 5;30 and opens at 8:30 tomorrow. I made Princess a salad and helped feed her by hand, she still was interested in food and water despite the legs giving out. She's relaxing on some comfy blankets now and I'll be with her all night.

But in the morning we have go to the vet.The occasional problems standing didn't warrant it- but if she is totally incapable of walking well that is a big deal. And if she is in great pain I will have to decide to have her put down.We have wonderful vets for our bunnies so I totally trust their judgement. Needless to say, I am very sad. I think the reign of Princess will be coming to a close and I am heartbroken.

Top12 Martha Stewart Catchphrases...

Martha Stewart is out of prison and about to become the next reality tv star. Her "Apprentice" show will be airing this fall, and she has yet to reveal her big catchphrase for eliminating applicants, like Trump's "You're Fired!".

Here at the Blog of Pratt, we ventured a few suggestions for the Top 12 Martha Stewart Catchphrases...

12. "Eat My Doiley!"

11. "You are Poopourri."

10. "No Mr. Bond, I expect You to DIE!"

9. "You are Toast...with the bread made from scratch in my stone hearth along with fresh marmalade- all of the ingredients which by the way came from my garden."

8. "Say your Pwayers, Wabbit!"

7. "I'm going to drop you like third period French."

6. "Step Off, beyotch."

5. "Be a lamb and please drop dead."

4. "If this was still Jail, I'd cut you."

3. "No soup for you."

2. "There IS no us."

1. "Release the Hounds!"

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Breakfast Club...

Most weekeday mornings, Mrs. Pratt is sometimes up first and when she goes downstairs to get coffee Greyton and Twizzle gallop to the kitchen and follow her to the fridge for a breakfast baby carrot.

Since she's been gone - I think they notice, so every morning when I get up(usually around 7am)I see the boys outside my bedroom in the hallway.

Of course they are also being horrible flirts with Baxter and Princess.

I started heading downstairs and everybody looked at me. Nobody wanted to follow.

I got the carrots and the box of Cheerios (they get 3 each daily)and poured myself a cup of coffee. Mmmmm coffee.

Back upstairs, I passed out the carrots and Cheerios and sat on the floor of the hallway drinking my coffee trying to wake up while the bunnies were munching away at their breakfast. The acoustics of the hall made the crunching noises sound extra loud. Everybunny was bright eyed and bushy tailed.

We all had a nice breakfast together. Greyton and Twizzle continued visiting with the ladies while I showered and got dressed for work.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Top 12 Practical Jokes Played On Tom Cruise...

The London premiere of Steven Speilberg's "War of the Worlds" was marred by a fake reporter interviewing Tom Cruise and squirting water in his face from a microphone.

The 4 people involved with the stunt for a British comedy show were arrested. Here at the Blog of Pratt we've discovered this wasn't the first dastardly deed pulled on the male half of TOMKAT so here are the Top 12 Practical Jokes Played on Tom Cruise...

12. Whoopee Cushion on Oprah couch.

11. Fake dog doo in shoe lifts.

10. "Vanilla Sky"

9. Was told he was the autistic one in "Rain Man".

8. Dribble glasses on set of "Cocktail".

7. 'Medicate Me' sign placed on his back by Brooke Shields.

6. "Eyes Wide Shut"

5. Approved next movie project entitled "Mission Impossible: Tom and Katie 4-ever xxx ooo"

4. Precogs warned him he'd become walking punchline.

3. LeStat

2. Believes Scientology is real.

1. Women saying "I Do." to him.

Monday Bunday

Baxter likes to munch on some seagrass mat.

Would you like an audience with Her Majesty?

Greyton and Twizzle hiding from boy crazy Baxter.

America's Hunky Hare- Greyton.

Princess Jewel looking for her breakfast carrot.

Greyton and twizzle asleep in a heap.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

From Prattcave to Batcave...

The phone rings at 11:45am.


"Pratt! What are you doing?" It was my friend Granola Grrl.

"Uh....Sleeping?", I mumble. I was up late writing and reading blogs.

"Let's Go see "Batman Begins" on Imax!" She knows I'm going to be a bit bored the next two weeks without Mrs. Pratt so in being a good friend, is taking pity on my bachelorhood.

I was planning on seeing the movie anyway.But better with a cool friend than alone.

She picked me up, first saying hello to the bunnies. There was a 1:30 showing. Now I have never been to an Imax movie. The screen they boast is 5 stories tall and the size of a basketball court.

But usually Imax shows things like "Bugs: Larvaemania!" where we get a really close up version of what Joe Rogan makes people chow down on Fear Factor or "Antartica: The Land Of Ice" So I usually pass on that. Besides if I want to see 5 stories of snow and ice I just visit my hometown in the winter.

Lately more of the big first run movies have been popping up on Imax so i thought this was an excellent choice to start with.

We get to the ticket booth a half hour before- 1;30 is sold out- next one is 4:30 or we could settle for the small screen one in 2 cinemas starting within a few minutes.
Nope - we held out for the late afternoon show.

So what to do- for 3 hours- well we had lunch at one of my favorite places which i knew would be menu friendly to Granola Grrl and her Vegan ways. We eventually went back to the theater. I had my picture taken with my friend here.

Look a superfriend!

But we still had to wait. Granola Grrl asked an usher when we could go into the theater and either he was on a sugar high from too much movie candy or he wasn't used to pretty girls talking to him.After too long a roundabout answer he said to come back in a half hour to line up.

Then the Great Popcorn Conundrum occured. Does Granola Grrl get her popcorn now- an hour and a half before the film starts? Or should she wait until we had seats THEN get the popcorn? Would they let her back in? Will Rocky and Bullwinkle see through Boris's evil scheme?

I remained calm despite her asking me every 5 minutes what time it was and her urge to peek around the corner to see if usherboy was letting people up the steps to the Imax theater.She was angsty but sweet.

The time came and we went upstairs to be seated. She got a popcorn bucket that was so large it had a patio and walk-in closets.

Imax sized Popcorn. Jump in!

We went into the theater. Grnaola chose some good seats in the center. Every few minutes she got a case of the "Whattimeisits?" At least we didn't have to sit through the godawful horrific thing that's in regular theaters called "The 20". I hate the 20 . Loathe the 20. It's one reason why I rarely see movies in the theater;'s one long bad commercial/preview/excrutiating music selection hell we sit through these days before movies. But no @0 in the Imax! Could the day get any better?

Uh NO.

We were at a sold out show - and suddenly HE sat down. Next to me. You know Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons? It was him. No really it was him. He had the same hair same body. However if he was given a Superhero code name it would be "Smells Really Bad Man". It was a musky combination of Mountain Dew, Cheetos, and Wet Sock.

Holy Olfactory Batman!

Sorry..wrong decade, but really the guy smelled like Old Factory.

Using all my Prattman powers I ignored his odiferous self as best I could. I said to Granola Grrl my mantra once weirdness happens around me"Sometimes the blogs just write themselves."

Batman Begins was great. Go see it. They got it right. The casting was perfect.Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson- all wonderful. Then there's Katie...the future Mrs. Cruise.

She looks like she's 15, not a tough assistant D.A. she plays. Which in one scene(I swear it's not a spoiler alert) she tries to get to an inaccessible crime scene area and when stopped by a SWAT team member:"I'm a Gotham City assistant D.A.!" she sasses. GAH.

The Batmobile has more range than her.

But after the movie ended everyone applauded.I hadn't seen that in a movie theater in years.I think Comic Book Guy had tears in his eyes.I know the movie was good because Granola Grll didn't even finish the bucket of popcorn.

Thanks Granola Grrl for a very cool day. Back to the Prattcave to blog about it.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Bunny Scotland...

Mrs. Pratt leaves for her 2 week trip to Scotland this afternoon. Of course master of jackassery that I am I started the morning off at 6:30AM with a rousing shower singing version of the "Bonny Banks of Loch Lomond"...You know

"Oh! ye'll take the high road and
I'll take the low road,
And I'll be in Scotland afore ye;
But me and my true love
Will never meet again
On the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond."

It was brilliant. The bathroom acoustics perfect. However no appplause at my performance.

You know I just needed that last LOOK OF DEATH from her to tide me over. We'll miss her.

I told Greyton to put the bagpipes away.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Hollaback Buns...

Baxter and Greyton getting friendly. Rumors to the contrary, this blog will not be renamed The Bunny Sutra.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Bunnies on the Brain...

I got a message from my friend (East Coast)Amber this morning. She had a dream she was at a bar talking to Greyton. Amber reports Greyton was being very sweet. I have no idea what he was drinking but I hope he at least tipped the bartenders.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Interview Meme...

My friend Bozoette participated in an Interview meme and I decided to give it a try.Below are the rules and the 5 Questions she asked me.

Here are the instructions:

1. If you want to participate, leave a comment below saying "interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you five questions -- each person's will be different.
3. You will update your journal/blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Here are your five questions:

1.When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was 4 years old It was the Summer of Apollo 11. Man walked on the moon for the first time(On my birthday!)I wanted to be an Astronaut. I drank a lot of Tang.
And for the next few years when they still did Moonshots I would love to watch Waler Cronkite explaining landings and such with his little models. I still like Tang.

2.Who’s your favorite Marx Brother, and why?

Groucho. The one and only. I saw my first Marx Brother movie when I was about 11. And I just loved his rapid fire wisecracks. As I got older I liked the wordplay and how "smart" the jokes were. For many a Halloween I was Groucho Marx. The other day I was watching Duck Soup again on Turner Classics Movies and found myself laughing at him ...not bad for something made in 1933. I think I got a lot of my brand of humor from him. Harpo and Chico are comedy Gods in their own right. But Groucho is an icon for the ages.

3. What’s your favorite holiday?

Hmmm. Well the bunnies do prefer Easter. But I like Halloween. I know it's been pretty much taken over by adults, but Autumn is my favorite season and from the carving of the Pratt-O-Lantern to the candy and masquerade it's the most fun for me.

4. Do you ever pose the bunnies, or are the Monday Bunday shots completely candid?

I would say that 99% of Monday Bunday is candid. Maybe at Xmas time when Greyton wears his Santa Hat, or at Halloween with Princess's witch hat, but most of it is just making the rabbits comfortable with the camera and catching them at just the right moments. I have to say that doing Monday Bunday is fun, and the buns appreciate the fan mail.

5. If you were stranded on a desert island, what five songs would you have to have with you?

Hmmm.It would have to be 5 songs that I would not get tired of after after being marooned for so long. I would prefer to name 5 books but oh well...

ok here goes...

1. Bohemian Rhapsody-Queen
2. Tomorrow Never Knows- the Beatles
3. I Want You to Want Me- Cheap Trick
4. Atomic-Blondie
5. Heroes- David Bowie

Ok who's next???

Monday, June 13, 2005

Top 12 Reasons Michael Jackson Got Acquitted...

Jackson Jury: The stupidest humans on Earth.

A jury of his "peers" has spoken. Michael Jackson was declared innocent of all charges brought against him. Fortunately the Blog of Pratt has the inside dish on how Jackson secured his 10 not guiltys.

12. Ghost of Elephant Man ordered to haunt jury room by Jacko.

11. Jurors distracted throughout trial by fey elfin nose.

10. Evidence on Jackson computer amounted to teen lip syncing Romanian pop song.

9. Publishing deadlines for several tell-all behind the scenes books approaching.

8. ANYTHING to get the media talking about something OTHER than Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

7. Jurors baffled by rules, thought they were choosing winner of next episode of "Hit Me Baby One More Time."

6. Telekinesis powers of Jackson pal Uri Geller too much for the weak minded jurors.

5. Jury had to hurry up and train for upcoming Special Olympics.

4. Too much "Jesus Juice" in the jury's coffee cups.

3. Crime scene investigation revealed to have been handled by Reno911 officers.

2. Invitations already sent out for Jackson's Celebratory Sleep-over.

1. Jackson promises next molestation trial will have better celebrity testimony.

Monday Bunday

Baxter spending time in the living room.

Mr. Twizzle close-up guarding a sleeping Greyton.

Princess Jewel awake after an afternoon nap.

Heap o' bunnies..Greyton and Twizzle.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Quisp Returns...

Mrs. Pratt and I were at a nearby supermarket , and as we turned into the cereal aisle there was a display with a bunch of boxes of Quisp.

I was shocked because Quisp, made by Quaker Oats and first appearing in 1965 was discontinued several years ago. Only recently due to baby boomer nostalgia has it slowly creeped back into select marketplaces around the country and available over the internet.

This was the first time I had seen boxes in the Philadlephia area.

Quisp tastes a bit like Cap'n Crunch and are saucer shaped.That's because the box cover featured the propeller headed Quisp, an alien from the Planet Q touting his "sugary little flying saucers of Quazy Energy".He was voiced by Daws Butler(Huckleberry Hound, Yogi Bear, Elroy Jetson and a bazillion other great cartoon voices) You can see an old Quisp vs. Quake commercial on this website.

The series of commercials was done by Jay Ward, the man who created Bullwinkle and Rocky, and also responsible for Dudley Do-Right, George of the Jungle and Cap'n Crunch. The most memorable ads was the great Quisp Vs. Quake contest in 1972.

Quake was a burly miner who hawked "Q -shaped cereal with a power of an earthquake".

I remember they had a write in ballot you could mail to vote for your favorite cereal. Hey I was 7 at the time so this was a monumental decision. Of course I picked Quisp. He won and Quake was soon dropped from stores in favor of a bizarre Orange flavored corn cereal called Quangaroos. That soon disappeared as well.

Quisp is Back!

Now in my excitement about seeing boxes of Quisp, I rattled off the cereal's history to Mrs. Pratt, who kind of tilted her head and gave me that look of pity.

Other people noticed my excitement. A mother and daughter were behind us and the kid saw I was raving about a breakfast cereal.

Kid:"What's that Mom?" she asked.
Mother(shooting me a look of equal parts sadness and derision):"Oh just an old cereal from 20 years ago."
Me: "Older than that...."

Mother to child:"Yes. More like 40. They used to have it when I was a kid. It's too sugary." She walked briskly down the aisle.

Kid looks back at box displays as they trail off. I continue giving Mrs. Pratt the history lesson of breakfast cereals. She's wishing the liquor stores would open for business soon.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Me and My Shadow...

There's a groundhog couple in our back yard we named Hubert and Henrietta. This morning I saw Henrietta out and then I noticed this little guy - her new baby! Anybody want to name this new member of the backyard wildlife?

Friday, June 10, 2005

Pass the Popcorn...

Going to the movies has been on my mind today. I signed up for Netflix a few weeks back and that is working out well, but I know that during Mrs. Pratt's absence I'll probably be at the movies to watch films she wouldn't want to see. Translated that means any sci-fi, or comic book based flick.

So yeah I'll catch "Batman Begins", "Fantastic Four", and "Star Wars III" by myself.

I really should insist she goes with me, since ten years ago if a movie had Merchant-Ivory above the title I was forced to sit through it...You know that Howard's End/Remains of the Day/ Enchanted April triumverate of chickflickery.

I think back to my earliest memories of going to the movies. The old Palace Theater in Hamburg, NY. It used to be an old vaudeville theater,built in 1926, and it still stands today right in the center of town. I used to go to 75 cent matinees on Saturday afternoons.

Yes they were talkies. sheesh.

I remember seeing Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory there. And all those 70's live action Disney movies like "Escape from Witch Mountain", "The Apple Dumpling Gang", No Deposit No Return", "Herbie Rides Again","Gus","The Strongest Man in the World." "Taxi Driver"...yeah all the kid fare at the time.

There used to be an elderly man and woman who I think ran the theater. The lady sold the candy. The old guy took tickets and was the usher who would bark at you to keep your feet off the seats. He wore thick glasses and resembled the Mr. Six character from the Six Flags Great adventure commercials.I always remember his dark green jacket he wore and he never smiled. Well of course, he was ushering in groups of unruly kids every saturday and that theater got rowdy between the Woody Woodpecker cartoon and all the Pixie sticks we scarfed down.The Palace had this beautiful purple velt curtain that would slowly and silently rise when the movie would begin.That's my favorite meory of going to the movies.That curtain rising moment.

There was also LeisureLand Cinemas. This was a theater with 2 screens!! Added on to the largest bowling alley in town, well it became a social hot spot for teens. The thing I remember most about the Leisureland cinemas was in their lobby wall they had a great mural of Chaplin,W.C. Fields, Mae West, The Marx Brothers, James Cagney, Garbo, Lon Chaney. I fell in love with the movies every time I saw that.
That theater closed when the multiplexes of the malls started.

The first time I went into a ginormous Mall movie theater was in the Summer of 1977. My oldest brother one day packed me and my two younger sisters into the car and said. "C'mon you have to see this movie."

It was Star Wars.

Yeah. I've never forgotten that.

Throughout high school the Mall movie theater became where my friends and I would go when not at the roller rink.Sometimes the Skyway Drive-In. Oh stop laughing it was the early 1980's.

I moved to Long Island in 1983 and was nearby another mall multiplex at Roosevelt Field Mall. The summer of 1989 me and a bunch of my college friends stood in lines for hours( the only time I did that for a movie) to catch the premiere of Batman.
Another cool moment. I think my friends Clive, Dave and I made a homemade bat signal with a pen flashlight and a bat cutout and as a joke put that on the blank screen.

But by 1989- renting a movie was becoming an option. The multiplexes flourished, but going wasn't that fun an experience anymore what with endless previews, then commercials, cellphones, people who bring crying kids into late night showings. With a good set of cable channels and a decent video store , I eventually caught all the must see movies I'd previously had to troop down to the cinema to see.

I haven't been inside a movie theater since last winter. I think we saw Sideways.

But in the next few weeks I'll return to catch some summertime entertainment. Home theater is great but there is still the magic of the darkened theater and laughing or crying with an audience of a few hundred.

Pass the popcorn...

Hot and Bothered Hare...

Greyton got into one of his "moods" tonight after Baxter was running around the living room for exercise. he was half asleep at first but she perked him up.

By moods I mean all saw Tom Cruise jump on the sofa on Oprah? yeah it's like that. After chasing little Baxter around (we scooped her up and put her back upstairs) he turned his randy sights on Twizzle. Just like Tom Cruise with...oh yeah that's right..he's in LOVE.

Eventually I had to put a ice bottle on Greyton to calm him down.

For an elderly bunny though Greyton sometimes surprises us (and especially Twizzle).

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Top 12 Things Happening in the Jackson Jury Room...

The fate of Michael Jackson rests in the hands of his jury. Fortunately, The Blog of Pratt is able to help all interested parties with what's really going on with the deliberations. So here are the Top 12 Things Happening in the Jackson Jury Room....

12. Moonwalk contest to determine jury foreman.

11. Suspicious looks thrown at Juror# 5 a Mr. "B. Ubbles".

10. Notes of encouragement read from future Jackson Cellmate, Bubba "Mad Dog" Oxberger.

9. Due to his lame sense of humor, jury requests Jay Leno testimony be stricken from record.

8. Scrutiny of Neverland Ranch photos reveals Weapons of Mass Destruction.

7. Argument erupts over which Culkin movie was better "Home Alone" or"Home Alone 2."

6. Nerd on jury laments missing premiere of "Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith."

5. Tom Cruise visits courthouse- swears undying love for Katie Holmes. Again.

4. Who gets to appear on Oprah after the trial decided by Rock Paper Scissors.

3. Offer by Jackson to babysit jurors' children while they are sequestered met with chilly reception.

2. General disappointment from jury that Tito didn't show up for the trial more.

1. O.J. drops by- offers to search for the real pedophile.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Monday Bunday

Happy Monday Bunday. I, Princess Jewel shall rule today's photos.

Chunky Mr. Twizzle in one of his favorite spots.

Who let that peasant in? Adore my regalness. Today is the Queen's Birthday in the UK you know.

Greyton enjoying another nap.

Nobody wants to see that big loaf bunny Greyton, it's all about Me!

Baxter is totally recovered from the bladder sludge incident...She is healthy and happy again.

I suppose I like my royal subjects. Thank you for visiting today's Monday Bunday. You may bow before me.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

And now a word from Mr. Greyton...

What? No Parsley??? Greyton acting as food critic.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Jabber Jaws...

The 30th anniversary of Jaws was being celebrated in Martha's Vineyard this weekend. Author Peter Benchley showed up and a taped message from Steven Speilberg were at the festivities. A mechancial Bruce the Shark dropped by as well.

I remember that summer when Jaws came out. Everybody kept talking about the shark. Now I lived nowhere near a beach with sharks. Ok, there was a small "beach" on Lake Erie a few miles from my house but when people said, "Don't go into the water" the catch phrase from the movie - they were probably referring to all the sludge that was Lake Erie in the 1970's.

I had a pool in my backyard when I was growing up. It was a big massive redwood pool with an 8 ft. deep end. ..a walkaround deck and a popular place for the neighborhood during the summer months. MARCO! POLO!

It's funny how the mind can play tricks on you. I'd be swimming around at night and even though it was an enclosed pool in the middle of the suburbs with no sharks for hundred of miles..there were times I'd get nervous swimming in the deep end.That damn John Williams music echoing in my head.

Yes, I know I think I went 'off the deep end'..but that's a kid imagination for you.

Oh well, there's another fish tale for you.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Wizard World Philadelphia 2005...

I got to the Pennsylvania Convention Center about a half hour after Wizard World began.I noticed the layout was a bit different this year and I think the biggest thing I noticed was how scaled back some of the top publishers in the comic book industry have become.

DC Comics was the biggest change. In years past they would have these elaborate booths, and the DC Direct line of memoribillia and toys would have their own huge section. This year- no DC Direct section, and well if it wasn't for the preview books on their tables I would hardly have noticed the DC booth. Marvel was kind of subdued as well.

Passing by the big companies though ,the main reason I always enjoy the comic book convention is to find the independent artists and writers. Sometimes their books are amazing and fortunately some of my old favorites showed up.

Patrick the Wolf Boy from Blind Wolf studios has a fun appeal to it and artwork reminiscient of Calvin and Hobbes. I always pick up whatever new issues are out at each convention.

Jennie Breeden from Atlanta has a daily online comic strip The Devil's Panties. She put out an anthology of her strips and this is also worth reading.I was laughing out loud reading this on the train ride home. She's very funny and I'll add her site to my daily reads.

Another female artist/writer from Canada has been appearing at the conventions for the last few years. Joanne Ellen Mutch's Rummblestrips is a self published book about an Earth girl and her alien robot friend. Again, the writing is sharp and finding books with that sly sense of humor is important to me.

Also in artists alley I came across the art of Franchesco. He is majorly talented and it was cool moment talking about the comics industry with him. He loves his work and it shows with his gorgeous potrtfolio book on She Dragon. Fans of Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon should look for this.

The artists of Hotinks were quite impressive.These guys love to draw beautiful women. If Greyton saw the poses they had for Jessica Rabbit it would make his ears stand up.

It was also nice meeting a local cartoonist Brad Guigar who writes and draws the syndicated comic strip Greystone Inn.
I've been reading Greystone Inn in the Philadelphia Daily News for awhile, and I bought a really funny t-shirt by him at his table. If you're a comics fan you'll get the joke.

And then there are the models....Pin-ups and centerfolds do pop up (and out) at comic conventions and representing the drool factor for fanboys..and girls... were Linda Tran, Aria Giovanni,Aimee Sweet, Dazza del Rio, and Chanel Ryan.Um I think you need to be over 18 to look at those adult links. You have been warned.

As boobalicious (wow I used that word two days in a row)as the models were it was also an honor to see two old masters of the comics art form Jim Steranko and Carmine Infantino in person.

Seeing Infantino sketch The Flash was wonderful He was the co-creator/artist of the Silver Age Flash for DC that revitalized the comics industry in 1956.
Steranko is most famous for his revolutionary work in the 1960's on Nick Fury:Agent of Shield and Captain America. He was unlike any artist of his time with his film noir and op art defying graphics.

Ok so that was an overview of the convention...and now for the photos...

"These aren't the droids you're looking for." I told him. heh a little jedi mind trick. Over his shoulders to the left- is Peter Mayhew-(Chewbacca)- and to the right is Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett).

Models at Zenescope Entertainment 's booth promoting the new Grimm Fairy Tales comic. From right to left is "I love to be photographed". " "Wow look at all the nerds." and "Take the damn pic already geekboy."

I was almost run down by a Pokemon character...

EEEK! Pichachu is telling the crowd how well endowed he is.

It's the spooky mascot for zombie stufed animals-Teddy Scares!

I made the Joker's Daughter laugh.Nothing better than perma-grin.

It's the Ever-lovin' Blue Eyed Thing. I asked him when Clobberin' time was.

And some people showed up in home made costumes..Um this is Kid Flash. I think... I wanted to run away at super speed.

I wasn't able to get in the line to meet Seth Green but surrepticiously snapped this pic of him making another fanboy's dream come true. Seth was there promoting the new comic from Top Cow he wrote called The Freshmen. I had the urge to go-SHHH....

After that I left Wizard World and headed back to the Prattcave.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Prattman Begins...

Tomorrow,I'm headed into the Pennsylvania Convention Center for the annual Wizard World Philadelphia comic book convention.

Go ahead call out my geekdom I'll wait....(tapping foot). Sponsored by Wizard Magazine , a leading comics industry publication,I've been attendeding these big bashes every year since they started having them in Philly.

One year I met an Oompah Loompah, another year Kevin Smith, and it's a chance to meet and greet some of my favorite writers and artists in the comic book industry.There's also the media guests. This year Seth Green will be there. I hope I get the chance to meet him. Do I ask what it was like to work with Woody Allen on Radio Days? Mike Myers on the Austin Powers films? Or Sarah Silverman on Greg the Bunny?

My favorite thing to do at the conventions besides seeing some big names ( Steranko! Chris Clearmont, Joe Quesada, J. Michael Straczynski)is wandering around the Artists Alley. Seeing the independent and self published books, the people who pour everything they got into their comics. I've discovered some really cool indie books like that way.

And of course there are the models...geeky fan boys are moths to the flame of models and centerfolds who appear at the convention. Another thing you see at these conventions is people in costume. No, I don't dress up....I'm just a mild mannered blogger. Well I'll be bringing my camera along tomorrow...I wonder what adventures I'll have...

More thoughts on Live 8-A Guest Blog...

My friend Clive Young is doing a guest blog post today on Live 8. Clive is a music industry professional and a published author.And now here's Clive...

People often forget that Midge Ure, the singer from Ultravox, co-wrote
(and produced) the Band Aid single with Geldof, and then helped throw
together Live Aid as well. Geldof is the more outspoken (i.e.
media-hogging) of the two, but Ure was always the muscle behind
Geldof's mouth. I've enjoyed Ure's music over the years, however, so a
few months ago, I picked up his autobiography "If I Was," which was
released in the UK last year. (It's a pretty good read,
incidentally--boring in a few spots, but the Band Aid and Live Aid
stuff is priceless.)

So last week, while all the rumblings about Live 8 were rising to a
fever pitch in the media (what a poorly kept secret!), I was finishing
Midge's book. Lo and behold, in the second-to-last chapter, he goes off
on a rant about the crap artists getting pumped out by record companies
(rightly so) and he drops this sneering jibe:

"There is talk of a Live Aid 20th anniversary concert in 2005, but who
would we get to play? U2, David Bowie, Elton John--the same artists who
did it last time. Or do we ask the dance acts and the boy bands along
and re-christen it Mime Aid? Backstage, there'd be a bunch of boy bands
fighting over whose CD was coming on next. It might be hard to tell
whose backing track it was."

Good thing Midge ain't on the bill in Philly--Puffy and the Fresh
Prince might have some strong words for him.

I, on the other hand, wouldn't go to the Philly show unless I got well,
well, well paid--that has got to be the most yawn-inducing lineup short
of a Coldplay/Kenny G/Celine Dion triple-bill. Dave Matthews and Bon
Jovi together? Damn, that's audio Xanax if I ever heard it. London is
getting all the good acts--just like last time. If you haven't picked
up the Live Aid DVD box set, you owe it to yourself--it ROOOOOOOOLES
(plus the proceeds STILL go to charity after all these years). I always
thought Paul Young was a loser until I watched his segment on the
set--he throws down the old school R&B so hard, Craig David and Mariah
Carey would have to go running after the shattered pieces if they'd
played that day.

Hope all is well-

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Top 12 New Revelations of Deep Throat...

You asked for got it. The Blog of Pratt has uncovered the Top 12 new secrets offered up by W.Mark Felt a.k.a. Deep Throat.

12. Soylent Green is People!

11. Woodward and Bernstein don't tip strippers well.

10. The chick from "The Crying Game" is a Dude!

9. Ren and Stimpy were right.The head of the Lincoln Memorial IS full of Caramel Corn.

8. One day in the far future talking apes will rule the Earth.

7. J. Edgar Hoover looked divine in chiffon.

6. Prof. Plum- in the Library- with a Candlestick.

5. Nixon used to ring Ted Kennedy's doorbell and run.

4. Rosebud is a sled.

3. I also know the secret blend of 11 herbs and spices for a bucket of KFC.

2. Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes relationship a sham.

1. For the last time I'm not Linda Lovelace!