Saturday, June 18, 2005

From Prattcave to Batcave...

The phone rings at 11:45am.


"Pratt! What are you doing?" It was my friend Granola Grrl.

"Uh....Sleeping?", I mumble. I was up late writing and reading blogs.

"Let's Go see "Batman Begins" on Imax!" She knows I'm going to be a bit bored the next two weeks without Mrs. Pratt so in being a good friend, is taking pity on my bachelorhood.

I was planning on seeing the movie anyway.But better with a cool friend than alone.

She picked me up, first saying hello to the bunnies. There was a 1:30 showing. Now I have never been to an Imax movie. The screen they boast is 5 stories tall and the size of a basketball court.

But usually Imax shows things like "Bugs: Larvaemania!" where we get a really close up version of what Joe Rogan makes people chow down on Fear Factor or "Antartica: The Land Of Ice" So I usually pass on that. Besides if I want to see 5 stories of snow and ice I just visit my hometown in the winter.

Lately more of the big first run movies have been popping up on Imax so i thought this was an excellent choice to start with.

We get to the ticket booth a half hour before- 1;30 is sold out- next one is 4:30 or we could settle for the small screen one in 2 cinemas starting within a few minutes.
Nope - we held out for the late afternoon show.

So what to do- for 3 hours- well we had lunch at one of my favorite places which i knew would be menu friendly to Granola Grrl and her Vegan ways. We eventually went back to the theater. I had my picture taken with my friend here.

Look a superfriend!

But we still had to wait. Granola Grrl asked an usher when we could go into the theater and either he was on a sugar high from too much movie candy or he wasn't used to pretty girls talking to him.After too long a roundabout answer he said to come back in a half hour to line up.

Then the Great Popcorn Conundrum occured. Does Granola Grrl get her popcorn now- an hour and a half before the film starts? Or should she wait until we had seats THEN get the popcorn? Would they let her back in? Will Rocky and Bullwinkle see through Boris's evil scheme?

I remained calm despite her asking me every 5 minutes what time it was and her urge to peek around the corner to see if usherboy was letting people up the steps to the Imax theater.She was angsty but sweet.

The time came and we went upstairs to be seated. She got a popcorn bucket that was so large it had a patio and walk-in closets.

Imax sized Popcorn. Jump in!

We went into the theater. Grnaola chose some good seats in the center. Every few minutes she got a case of the "Whattimeisits?" At least we didn't have to sit through the godawful horrific thing that's in regular theaters called "The 20". I hate the 20 . Loathe the 20. It's one reason why I rarely see movies in the theater;'s one long bad commercial/preview/excrutiating music selection hell we sit through these days before movies. But no @0 in the Imax! Could the day get any better?

Uh NO.

We were at a sold out show - and suddenly HE sat down. Next to me. You know Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons? It was him. No really it was him. He had the same hair same body. However if he was given a Superhero code name it would be "Smells Really Bad Man". It was a musky combination of Mountain Dew, Cheetos, and Wet Sock.

Holy Olfactory Batman!

Sorry..wrong decade, but really the guy smelled like Old Factory.

Using all my Prattman powers I ignored his odiferous self as best I could. I said to Granola Grrl my mantra once weirdness happens around me"Sometimes the blogs just write themselves."

Batman Begins was great. Go see it. They got it right. The casting was perfect.Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson- all wonderful. Then there's Katie...the future Mrs. Cruise.

She looks like she's 15, not a tough assistant D.A. she plays. Which in one scene(I swear it's not a spoiler alert) she tries to get to an inaccessible crime scene area and when stopped by a SWAT team member:"I'm a Gotham City assistant D.A.!" she sasses. GAH.

The Batmobile has more range than her.

But after the movie ended everyone applauded.I hadn't seen that in a movie theater in years.I think Comic Book Guy had tears in his eyes.I know the movie was good because Granola Grll didn't even finish the bucket of popcorn.

Thanks Granola Grrl for a very cool day. Back to the Prattcave to blog about it.

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