Thursday, June 02, 2005

More thoughts on Live 8-A Guest Blog...

My friend Clive Young is doing a guest blog post today on Live 8. Clive is a music industry professional and a published author.And now here's Clive...

People often forget that Midge Ure, the singer from Ultravox, co-wrote
(and produced) the Band Aid single with Geldof, and then helped throw
together Live Aid as well. Geldof is the more outspoken (i.e.
media-hogging) of the two, but Ure was always the muscle behind
Geldof's mouth. I've enjoyed Ure's music over the years, however, so a
few months ago, I picked up his autobiography "If I Was," which was
released in the UK last year. (It's a pretty good read,
incidentally--boring in a few spots, but the Band Aid and Live Aid
stuff is priceless.)

So last week, while all the rumblings about Live 8 were rising to a
fever pitch in the media (what a poorly kept secret!), I was finishing
Midge's book. Lo and behold, in the second-to-last chapter, he goes off
on a rant about the crap artists getting pumped out by record companies
(rightly so) and he drops this sneering jibe:

"There is talk of a Live Aid 20th anniversary concert in 2005, but who
would we get to play? U2, David Bowie, Elton John--the same artists who
did it last time. Or do we ask the dance acts and the boy bands along
and re-christen it Mime Aid? Backstage, there'd be a bunch of boy bands
fighting over whose CD was coming on next. It might be hard to tell
whose backing track it was."

Good thing Midge ain't on the bill in Philly--Puffy and the Fresh
Prince might have some strong words for him.

I, on the other hand, wouldn't go to the Philly show unless I got well,
well, well paid--that has got to be the most yawn-inducing lineup short
of a Coldplay/Kenny G/Celine Dion triple-bill. Dave Matthews and Bon
Jovi together? Damn, that's audio Xanax if I ever heard it. London is
getting all the good acts--just like last time. If you haven't picked
up the Live Aid DVD box set, you owe it to yourself--it ROOOOOOOOLES
(plus the proceeds STILL go to charity after all these years). I always
thought Paul Young was a loser until I watched his segment on the
set--he throws down the old school R&B so hard, Craig David and Mariah
Carey would have to go running after the shattered pieces if they'd
played that day.

Hope all is well-


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