Thursday, June 02, 2005

Prattman Begins...

Tomorrow,I'm headed into the Pennsylvania Convention Center for the annual Wizard World Philadelphia comic book convention.

Go ahead call out my geekdom I'll wait....(tapping foot). Sponsored by Wizard Magazine , a leading comics industry publication,I've been attendeding these big bashes every year since they started having them in Philly.

One year I met an Oompah Loompah, another year Kevin Smith, and it's a chance to meet and greet some of my favorite writers and artists in the comic book industry.There's also the media guests. This year Seth Green will be there. I hope I get the chance to meet him. Do I ask what it was like to work with Woody Allen on Radio Days? Mike Myers on the Austin Powers films? Or Sarah Silverman on Greg the Bunny?

My favorite thing to do at the conventions besides seeing some big names ( Steranko! Chris Clearmont, Joe Quesada, J. Michael Straczynski)is wandering around the Artists Alley. Seeing the independent and self published books, the people who pour everything they got into their comics. I've discovered some really cool indie books like that way.

And of course there are the models...geeky fan boys are moths to the flame of models and centerfolds who appear at the convention. Another thing you see at these conventions is people in costume. No, I don't dress up....I'm just a mild mannered blogger. Well I'll be bringing my camera along tomorrow...I wonder what adventures I'll have...

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