Thursday, June 23, 2005

Princess Jewel...

Princess Jewel, our oldest bunny(almost 10) is really having a difficult time with old age. About 2 months ago we noticed that sometimes when she is lying down she couldn't stand up under her own power. So we would have to give her a little assist.

We've spoken with our vet about this - it's arthritis due to her advanced age.(10 is pretty old for a bunny)if she was brought in there wasn't too much that could be done for her.

Her hopping as slowed down some , this morning she seemed fine and was following me around for breakfast as usual. She still has her appetite.

But today when I got home from work she was flopped out and couldn't get up.After I helped her and steadied her a bit she still wasn't able to walk. I knew it was serious when after 2 hours she still couldn;t really walk.

The vet office closes at 5;30 and opens at 8:30 tomorrow. I made Princess a salad and helped feed her by hand, she still was interested in food and water despite the legs giving out. She's relaxing on some comfy blankets now and I'll be with her all night.

But in the morning we have go to the vet.The occasional problems standing didn't warrant it- but if she is totally incapable of walking well that is a big deal. And if she is in great pain I will have to decide to have her put down.We have wonderful vets for our bunnies so I totally trust their judgement. Needless to say, I am very sad. I think the reign of Princess will be coming to a close and I am heartbroken.

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