Sunday, June 12, 2005

Quisp Returns...

Mrs. Pratt and I were at a nearby supermarket , and as we turned into the cereal aisle there was a display with a bunch of boxes of Quisp.

I was shocked because Quisp, made by Quaker Oats and first appearing in 1965 was discontinued several years ago. Only recently due to baby boomer nostalgia has it slowly creeped back into select marketplaces around the country and available over the internet.

This was the first time I had seen boxes in the Philadlephia area.

Quisp tastes a bit like Cap'n Crunch and are saucer shaped.That's because the box cover featured the propeller headed Quisp, an alien from the Planet Q touting his "sugary little flying saucers of Quazy Energy".He was voiced by Daws Butler(Huckleberry Hound, Yogi Bear, Elroy Jetson and a bazillion other great cartoon voices) You can see an old Quisp vs. Quake commercial on this website.

The series of commercials was done by Jay Ward, the man who created Bullwinkle and Rocky, and also responsible for Dudley Do-Right, George of the Jungle and Cap'n Crunch. The most memorable ads was the great Quisp Vs. Quake contest in 1972.

Quake was a burly miner who hawked "Q -shaped cereal with a power of an earthquake".

I remember they had a write in ballot you could mail to vote for your favorite cereal. Hey I was 7 at the time so this was a monumental decision. Of course I picked Quisp. He won and Quake was soon dropped from stores in favor of a bizarre Orange flavored corn cereal called Quangaroos. That soon disappeared as well.

Quisp is Back!

Now in my excitement about seeing boxes of Quisp, I rattled off the cereal's history to Mrs. Pratt, who kind of tilted her head and gave me that look of pity.

Other people noticed my excitement. A mother and daughter were behind us and the kid saw I was raving about a breakfast cereal.

Kid:"What's that Mom?" she asked.
Mother(shooting me a look of equal parts sadness and derision):"Oh just an old cereal from 20 years ago."
Me: "Older than that...."

Mother to child:"Yes. More like 40. They used to have it when I was a kid. It's too sugary." She walked briskly down the aisle.

Kid looks back at box displays as they trail off. I continue giving Mrs. Pratt the history lesson of breakfast cereals. She's wishing the liquor stores would open for business soon.

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