Monday, June 20, 2005

Top 12 Practical Jokes Played On Tom Cruise...

The London premiere of Steven Speilberg's "War of the Worlds" was marred by a fake reporter interviewing Tom Cruise and squirting water in his face from a microphone.

The 4 people involved with the stunt for a British comedy show were arrested. Here at the Blog of Pratt we've discovered this wasn't the first dastardly deed pulled on the male half of TOMKAT so here are the Top 12 Practical Jokes Played on Tom Cruise...

12. Whoopee Cushion on Oprah couch.

11. Fake dog doo in shoe lifts.

10. "Vanilla Sky"

9. Was told he was the autistic one in "Rain Man".

8. Dribble glasses on set of "Cocktail".

7. 'Medicate Me' sign placed on his back by Brooke Shields.

6. "Eyes Wide Shut"

5. Approved next movie project entitled "Mission Impossible: Tom and Katie 4-ever xxx ooo"

4. Precogs warned him he'd become walking punchline.

3. LeStat

2. Believes Scientology is real.

1. Women saying "I Do." to him.

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