Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Top 12 Things Happening in the Jackson Jury Room...

The fate of Michael Jackson rests in the hands of his jury. Fortunately, The Blog of Pratt is able to help all interested parties with what's really going on with the deliberations. So here are the Top 12 Things Happening in the Jackson Jury Room....

12. Moonwalk contest to determine jury foreman.

11. Suspicious looks thrown at Juror# 5 a Mr. "B. Ubbles".

10. Notes of encouragement read from future Jackson Cellmate, Bubba "Mad Dog" Oxberger.

9. Due to his lame sense of humor, jury requests Jay Leno testimony be stricken from record.

8. Scrutiny of Neverland Ranch photos reveals Weapons of Mass Destruction.

7. Argument erupts over which Culkin movie was better "Home Alone" or"Home Alone 2."

6. Nerd on jury laments missing premiere of "Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith."

5. Tom Cruise visits courthouse- swears undying love for Katie Holmes. Again.

4. Who gets to appear on Oprah after the trial decided by Rock Paper Scissors.

3. Offer by Jackson to babysit jurors' children while they are sequestered met with chilly reception.

2. General disappointment from jury that Tito didn't show up for the trial more.

1. O.J. drops by- offers to search for the real pedophile.

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