Thursday, June 23, 2005

Top12 Martha Stewart Catchphrases...

Martha Stewart is out of prison and about to become the next reality tv star. Her "Apprentice" show will be airing this fall, and she has yet to reveal her big catchphrase for eliminating applicants, like Trump's "You're Fired!".

Here at the Blog of Pratt, we ventured a few suggestions for the Top 12 Martha Stewart Catchphrases...

12. "Eat My Doiley!"

11. "You are Poopourri."

10. "No Mr. Bond, I expect You to DIE!"

9. "You are Toast...with the bread made from scratch in my stone hearth along with fresh marmalade- all of the ingredients which by the way came from my garden."

8. "Say your Pwayers, Wabbit!"

7. "I'm going to drop you like third period French."

6. "Step Off, beyotch."

5. "Be a lamb and please drop dead."

4. "If this was still Jail, I'd cut you."

3. "No soup for you."

2. "There IS no us."

1. "Release the Hounds!"

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