Friday, June 24, 2005


We saw the vet at 11:30 this morning. I had been up until 2am with Princess making her comfortable. This morning she was hungry for her carrot and cheerios.

She had x-rays done, in case there was a spinal tumor causing this..but nothing showed up. Possible brain tumor but that would take MRI's and catscan's and given her advanced age not too much could be done.

But I haven't given up on her. The Dr. recommends Metacam , a med to help with osteoarthritis twice a day. I'll do this at least for the next week. Her appetite is still good (she ate all her salad last night hand fed by me)and she is still fighting despite the slight discomfort. This afternoon she was able to use her legs a little. I have her in one of her favorite spots on blankets. She's very comfortable.

Mrs. Pratt is incommunicado and this is driving me crazy. She is in the middle of travelling from Scotland through England to visit a friend of her mother's. I've left messages but she hasn't got back to me. She'll return to America next Friday, and we'll see how Princess Jewel is doing then and if we have to decide that putting her down is the best thing.

I want to thank all my friends in the blogging community who have left messages of support. It 's a big bag of suck to have to go through this by myself. I truly appreciate those sending good wishes our way.

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