Friday, June 03, 2005

Wizard World Philadelphia 2005...

I got to the Pennsylvania Convention Center about a half hour after Wizard World began.I noticed the layout was a bit different this year and I think the biggest thing I noticed was how scaled back some of the top publishers in the comic book industry have become.

DC Comics was the biggest change. In years past they would have these elaborate booths, and the DC Direct line of memoribillia and toys would have their own huge section. This year- no DC Direct section, and well if it wasn't for the preview books on their tables I would hardly have noticed the DC booth. Marvel was kind of subdued as well.

Passing by the big companies though ,the main reason I always enjoy the comic book convention is to find the independent artists and writers. Sometimes their books are amazing and fortunately some of my old favorites showed up.

Patrick the Wolf Boy from Blind Wolf studios has a fun appeal to it and artwork reminiscient of Calvin and Hobbes. I always pick up whatever new issues are out at each convention.

Jennie Breeden from Atlanta has a daily online comic strip The Devil's Panties. She put out an anthology of her strips and this is also worth reading.I was laughing out loud reading this on the train ride home. She's very funny and I'll add her site to my daily reads.

Another female artist/writer from Canada has been appearing at the conventions for the last few years. Joanne Ellen Mutch's Rummblestrips is a self published book about an Earth girl and her alien robot friend. Again, the writing is sharp and finding books with that sly sense of humor is important to me.

Also in artists alley I came across the art of Franchesco. He is majorly talented and it was cool moment talking about the comics industry with him. He loves his work and it shows with his gorgeous potrtfolio book on She Dragon. Fans of Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon should look for this.

The artists of Hotinks were quite impressive.These guys love to draw beautiful women. If Greyton saw the poses they had for Jessica Rabbit it would make his ears stand up.

It was also nice meeting a local cartoonist Brad Guigar who writes and draws the syndicated comic strip Greystone Inn.
I've been reading Greystone Inn in the Philadelphia Daily News for awhile, and I bought a really funny t-shirt by him at his table. If you're a comics fan you'll get the joke.

And then there are the models....Pin-ups and centerfolds do pop up (and out) at comic conventions and representing the drool factor for fanboys..and girls... were Linda Tran, Aria Giovanni,Aimee Sweet, Dazza del Rio, and Chanel Ryan.Um I think you need to be over 18 to look at those adult links. You have been warned.

As boobalicious (wow I used that word two days in a row)as the models were it was also an honor to see two old masters of the comics art form Jim Steranko and Carmine Infantino in person.

Seeing Infantino sketch The Flash was wonderful He was the co-creator/artist of the Silver Age Flash for DC that revitalized the comics industry in 1956.
Steranko is most famous for his revolutionary work in the 1960's on Nick Fury:Agent of Shield and Captain America. He was unlike any artist of his time with his film noir and op art defying graphics.

Ok so that was an overview of the convention...and now for the photos...

"These aren't the droids you're looking for." I told him. heh a little jedi mind trick. Over his shoulders to the left- is Peter Mayhew-(Chewbacca)- and to the right is Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett).

Models at Zenescope Entertainment 's booth promoting the new Grimm Fairy Tales comic. From right to left is "I love to be photographed". " "Wow look at all the nerds." and "Take the damn pic already geekboy."

I was almost run down by a Pokemon character...

EEEK! Pichachu is telling the crowd how well endowed he is.

It's the spooky mascot for zombie stufed animals-Teddy Scares!

I made the Joker's Daughter laugh.Nothing better than perma-grin.

It's the Ever-lovin' Blue Eyed Thing. I asked him when Clobberin' time was.

And some people showed up in home made costumes..Um this is Kid Flash. I think... I wanted to run away at super speed.

I wasn't able to get in the line to meet Seth Green but surrepticiously snapped this pic of him making another fanboy's dream come true. Seth was there promoting the new comic from Top Cow he wrote called The Freshmen. I had the urge to go-SHHH....

After that I left Wizard World and headed back to the Prattcave.

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