Tuesday, July 19, 2005

40 for 40...

Tomorrow the old odometer takes that click and I turn 40. One thing I am definitely doing tomorrow is taking the day off. Spending a birthday at work is not my idea of fun.

So since I am jumping into another decade here are 40 things-20 cool things I've done in my lifetime and 20 I would like to do in the future.

1. Gave rabbits a good home.
2. Fell in love.
3. Learned to drive.
4. Dj'd at a packed bar.
5. Saw my artwork and writing published.
6. Bought a house.
7. Survived Heart Surgery.
8. Saw a Hooters open less than a mile from my house.
9. Got a clutch hit to win a baseball game.
10. Traced my family tree.
11. Enjoyed the company of beautiful women.
12. Finished my college degree.
13. Got a behind the scenes tour of Marvel Comics.
14. Starting my blog.
15. Saw a Beatle.
16. Made people laugh.
17. Got Revenge.
18. Reconnected with old friends.
19. Won a giant bear at an impossible to do carnival game.
20. Tequila Shots off a stripper.
21. More Tequila Shots off a stripper.
22. Swim with dolphins.
23. Continue to surprise people.
24. See the West Coast.
25. See more Dead Shows if they tour again.
26. Draw a comic strip again.
27. Meet some blog friends in person.
28. Track down all the obscure 80's music I love.
29. Go to Las Vegas.
30. Update my wardrobe.
31. Return to Hawaii.
32. Explore Philadelphia more.
33. Continue making a creative difference.
34. Drink with old friends.
35. Get back on stage again.
36. Discover a more satisfying career.
37. Have Philadelphia host a future Journalcon.
38. Move to Florida.
39. Start dreading 50.
40. Laugh more.

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