Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Birthday by the Numbers...

2-Extra hours I slept in this morning.I normally am awake by 8, today I got up at 10.

3- Baby Carrots conned out of me by the bunnies this morning since I was home.

5-Phone calls from friends near and far wishing me well.

2- Renditions of "Happy Birthday " sung to me over the phone.

1:40-Time the movie I wanted to see started.It was Fantastic 4- and it being a comic book movie, there was no way Mrs. Pratt would want to see it. Yet she wants to go see "Dukes of Hazzard".Meh.

2- Stars I gave the movie.

4-Stars with any scene of Jessica Alba in the movie.Yummy.

3-Beers I had at Hooters with my lunch.

20-Number of ..well I think I counted 10 waitresses heh.

Dozens- Kind wonderful birthday wishes from blog friends who I truly appreciate.

3- Additional drinks I had with dinner at Kildares.Good food and drink.DRINK!

1- Piece of kick-ass birthday applecake with cream cheese frosting.

1- Birthday card from the rabbits.Smart critters.

Several-Surprises sent to me from my Amazon wish list..thank you!

40- As of 10:27pm that's how old I am.

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