Saturday, July 30, 2005

A Day at the Zoo...

We took a trip to the Philadelphia Zoo.The Oldest zoo in America, it's been around since 1874. Mrs. Pratt and I hadn't been there in about 10 years.Long overdue for a visit. Onward to our adventures...

Galapagos Tortoise sex is something you don't see every day. Ironically, he finished quickly.

Mr. Tortoise...I hope he doesn't want to challenge Greyton to a race.

Here is a new resident of the Primate reserve. It was completed a few years ago after a devastating fire killed the Zoo's primates in 1995.

Penguins sunning themselves after a cool dip.

Today was more humid than expected. The Polar Bears were enjoying their pool. Minutes later I thought I saw him drink a Coke.

I make some new friends over lunch. They were telling me that the Big Cats area was under construction and will reopen in 2006. All the Zoo's lions, and tigers have been moved temporarily to other zoos around the country.We still saw plenty of animals though like....

Prarie dogs! This guy was checking out the crowd watching him.

My kind of sign. There are a community of rabbits in the Children's Zoo. All the bunnies there were in their warrens keeping out of the sun.

Some of the Zoo's new baby river otters. They've only been appearing in public for about a month.

This Giraffe smiled for us.

Mom and baby giraffe...damn Toys 'R" Us theme echoed in my head.

We decided to take a ride on the Zoo Balloon. it takes you 400 feet up above the trees and provides wonderful views of the city and beyond.

From 400 feet up- the view of the Art Museum,waterworks, and part of the Philadelphia skyline.

Another shot of the Zoo Balloon.

The views were amazing.

Philadelphia from the sky.

After walking around the Philadelphia Zoo for 5 hours we were as tired as Mr. Polar Bear. A fun day indeed.

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