Sunday, July 10, 2005

Happy Birthday Greyton!

7 years ago today we adopted Greyton. He has become Alpha Rabbit here, but before he came to live with us,the poor bunny had a rough life. Previous owners didn't have him in a cage , they used an emptied-out fish tank...and left the alge rocks in.

When he was adopted by us his butt fur was green because of that. He was a bit skittish, especially about being picked up and held,due to what we think was the previous owner's abusive behavior.

Greyton (his original name was LLOYD) was dumped at an SPCA by those owners. He sat there for awhile with nobody taking an interest in him, and on the day he was due to be euthanized, a volunteer from the local House Rabbit Society chapter stopped in - saw him, and took him to the no-kill shelter.He was spared in the nick of time! We met him a week after he arrived.

Our previous male bunny, Austin, had died a few months earlier , and we were looking for a companion to Princess Jewel. I was in the front of the shelter looking at prospective bachelor buns when from the back room, Mrs. Pratt came out with him in her arms. Love at first sight.

Of course, Princess and Greyton had an on again off again fling. Eventually , he bonded best with Twizzle,although that hasn't stopped his flirty ways with women.

But he has found in our home, all the security,love, and unending supply of pellets,hay, and salad a bunny could possibly have. He means the world to us,and we think he knows it. Happy Birthday Greyton.

What a way to start a Birthday!

Greyton is enjoying his 7th birthday with us.

Some Birthday salad for brunch.

Happy Birthday Greyton!

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