Thursday, July 21, 2005

I Wish I Were a Prattsicle....The Heatwave Quiz.

It seems that in most parts of the country the median temperature is Bazillion. So, stuck in heatwave? Take the Blog of Pratt How to Cope with a Heatwave Quiz...

1. How do you cool your home during weeks of scorching hot weather?___

A. Electric Fans
B. Air Conditioning
C. A Block of Ice
D. Your minions fanning you with palm fronds feeding you grapes.

2. What is your beverage of choice to cope with the heat?___

A. Water
B. Soda or Pop
C. Booze
D. A combination of all three above.And keep 'em coming!

3. What icy treat do you love to enjoy during a heatwave?___

A. Ice Cream
B. Popsicles
C. Water Ice
D. Significant Other

4. It's too hot for pajamas- so you must sleep in___

A. Underwear
B. Nothing at all (ladies please email me a more detailed essay on this one.)
C. Blog of Prattwear(Now available at the Blog of Pratt store- see links.Shameless plug)
D. In a bed silly!

5.What feelings does excessive heat bring about in you?____

A. Passion
B. Irritablity
C. Fatigue
D. I swear if this damn humidity doesn't break the weatherman is getting a boot to the head.

6. Excessive Hot Air is caused by____

A. The hole in the Ozone
B. Hurricane Season
C. Lack of movement by cold fronts
D. Congressional Supreme Court hearings

7. During a heatwave you should____

A. Check on elderly neighbors.
B. Slack off from all your outdoor yard work.
C. Stick your head in a freezer.
D. Lick a popsicle suggestively to amuse friends.

8. Lucky you- You have access to a pool! Your best dive is ___

A. Cannonball
B. Triple Lindy
C. Belly Flop
D. Virginia Woolf

9. The power goes out- the heat is oppressive you begin to smell like___

A. Feet
B. Wet Dog
C. Old People
D. The French

10. The best way to tell you are in a heatwave is____

A. You envy the locations in "March of the Penguins".
B. You feel like Margaret Hamilton after a bucket of water thrown at her.
C. Your underwear melted.
D. Able to cook omelettes on the hood of your car.

When your co-workers put a giant inflatable palm tree in your office- it's a heatwave.

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