Monday, July 11, 2005

Monday Bunday: All Greyton Edition...

In honor of Greyton's Birthday: Some of my favorite photos of him.

Mr. Greyton.

When Greyton Met Salad: A Love Story.

Flopped in a sunbeam. He is happy watching over the house.

Among his many nicknames: Super G, G Love, The Grey Streak, Mommy's Favorite,Puff Bunny, Floppy Boy,LLCOOL G, Flumpo the Magnificent,Old Gray Hare, Puppy Chow, Bloodhound doggie, Mr.G.L. Hare, Elvis, Playa. Big Bundle of Bunny.

In a big heap with Twizzle.

My favorite photo of Greyton napping. He's happy, safe and comfortable in his loving home.

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