Friday, July 29, 2005

The Quick and the Dud...

It started maybe about a week or two ago. Mrs. Pratt and I are out back in "wine country"- well that's what Mrs. Pratt calls enjoying some drinks on the deck...a usual summertime occurance. Suddenly we hear off in the distance...




We noticed that at the townhouse on the end(The residence of nosy neighbor Mrs. Kravitz) her son Good Kid was having target practice with milk jugs on a log in the backyard. His weapon- The fearsome BB GUN.

I really was tempted to shout "YOU'LL SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT!" but in the darkness of the summer night, didn't want the aspiring Lee Harvey to get too jittery and fire in my direction.

I went in the house and looked in their driveway. It seemed his mother wasn't home.
This delighted Mrs. Pratt and I because here was teenage rebellion in full bloom. Well ok Good Kid is like a Junior in college but in the years that we have lived near him I think the most rebellious thing he has ever done was blast his car radio really loud in the driveway once or twice.

"And it was cheesy disco in his bad ass Beige Malibu."- Mrs. P. reminded me.

"Hey I drive a Malibu(ok it's blue)", I argued back,"... and I don't play cheesy disco! Cheesy New Wave maybe..." Anyway as we discussed my bad-assyness and his delving into Heart of Darkness territory we kept hearing


So we figured that if his Mother found out she would have kittens.

"I don't know", I said..."Mrs. Kravitz could be training him as a mercenary to get the people who bring their dogs into her yard."

Sidebar: Mrs. Kravitz has for years been at war with some neighbors who when they walk their dog- wander over to the big open community space that's NEAR her house and the dogs have poopapalooza.

I was a little puzzled at the kid owning a BB Gun in the first place. I mean unless you are from somewhere like say, Yoknapatawpha County, Mississippi or Camden. I didn't think in this post Columbine era that a BB Gun was seen as a positive.

Then a few days after first seeing our own neighborhood version of A Christmas Story's Ralphie, we heard the Thwaping and P-tinging again. But Mrs. Kravitz was on the deck as well! So she did know about it.I guess she set the rules as to what his target practice could be.

I do get nervous that also in the huge expanse of the yard behind our houses there are some woods, and numerous birds, squirrels, groundhogs, and recently some wild rabbits. Hopefully, Good Kid will be just that and not get any ideas about taking potshots at the local fauna.

I guess I sleep better knowing that just in case of any trouble here in the suburbs, someone is locked and loaded..or in this case...air pumped a few times.

*P-ting *Pt-ting*

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