Sunday, July 17, 2005

Tales from Atlantic City...Reggae Style!

Another trip to Atlantic City on Saturday, and of course it was fun for us. We kind of got a late start and got there by 4pm. But I was in a great mood and we decided to do dinner at the new House of Blues they put on the ShowBoat casino.

House of Blues has a great menu and we started off the evening with the right combination of spicy cajun food and alcoholic beverages. It's a great addition to Atlantic City which his trying hard now to shed the image of the place where the median age is cadaver.

A big trend among the casinos on the beach is that this summer each one has their own "Beach Bar". And sure enough from the edge of the boardwalk into a bit of the sand, you can see Tiki bar structures. It's a brilliant idea for the casinos in summer. We checked it out after dinner and after hitting the casino for a bit, we'd come back for drinks.

Lady luck smiled on us and by the end of our slot spree we figured we finished up $50.

Another good reason to get out to the Beach Bar was fresh air, ocean breeze, and away from casino noise and smoke.

We saw two empty chairs at the bar and enjoyed the view.

Oh yeah the view.

Directly across from us was a couple we thought looked a bit odd. Which I mean, I shouldn't talk- Hottie Mrs. Pratt being seen with me..meh. Anyway, this couple baffled us. The woman seemed to be in her late 50's had a voice as lilting as Patty and Selma from The Simpsons, and seemed to guy next to her. He was younger..maybe late 30's with a haircut that was half golfer John Daly, and Beatles Mop Top circa 1965. They seemed to be mother and son due to their resemblence. They were stinkin' drunk.

We saw them down several large Long Island Ice Teas and soon they started talking to a couple sitting next to them. Boisterous drunken conversation continued.People from our end of the bar watched with fascination. Especially when they started doing shots with the couple...

Shots of Chambord.

You know that raspberry tasting liquer that comes in the bottle that looks like a crown. Drunk mother and son kept doing shots of it with their new friends.

After watching them do the fifth shot Mrs. Pratt jaw dropped like a Tex Avery cartoon.

Mrs.Pratt:"I can't believe they are drinking that stuff like that.Chambord isn't really what you do shots of."

Me:"Somebody is headed for a rough morning hangover."

Then the affection kicked in. The weird couple started hanging all over themselves and when the kissing began we figured either they weren't related or we should phone Jerry Springer of our discovery. eew. We dubbed them The Drunkingtons.

On top of all that was the band.It was 4 guys who were "rocking" the place with "Sweet Caroline" and "Show Me the Way" but had the unfortunate habit of announcing that every song they are playing was in "Reggae Style!"

Band Guy:"Ok..Here's "Hey Jude"...REGGAE STYLE! here's "Brown Eyed Girl...REGGAE STYLE. Here's "The Star Spangled Banner"... REGGAE STYLE!"

The sax player in the band was good..but the singer couldn't remember half the lyrics to half the songs and relied on doing a few words and hoping the bar would fill in the rest.

He did this during "Red Red Wine"(one fo Mrs. Pratt's favorite songs) Reggae Style! ("Uh isn't this already reggae?" Mrs. P. said.)The guy just didn't know the lyrics except for the three word title. It was so sad, you were hoping someone would throw a red red wine bottle at his head.

Back to The Drunkingtons. Well, all the "reggae style" music got Mrs. Drunkington dancing with her new friends and had to have one hand on the bar to steady herself against the forces of gravity.Mr. Drunkington had wandered on the sand to either go to the bathroom or be pushed in the ocean after beaching himself.While gone, his drunk wife/gf/mother/science experiment regaled the bar with tales of him being arrested many times for public urination. Charming.

When perhaps the seventh round of Chambord was being gulped down by them we decided to go back to the casino for a bit before heading home.

Mrs.Pratt:'They are going to be so sick tomorrow."

Me: "Monster Hangover...Reggae Style!"

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