Friday, July 01, 2005

Top 12 Changes for the Supreme Court...

Sandra Day O'Connor, first woman, appointed in 1981, to be a Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court has announced her retirement today. Speculation about Chief Justice William Rehnquist imprending resignation due to his health problems make the Judicial branch on the cusp of some changes in personnel and political outlook.

The Blog of Pratt envisions some of the Top 12 Changes for the Supreme Court....

12. Court decisions will include live televised ballroom dancing round.

11. President wants Bo and Luke Duke to fill court vacancies.

10. Case of Row v.Row,Row your boat finally heard.

9. YES! We can get a good Pitcher for the Supreme Court softball team!

8. All Justices must knit their own robes for next October.

7. Justice Souter takes over O'Connor's Chambers-installs hot tub, disco mirror ball.

6. New Justices can't give snippy babbling interviews to Matt Lauer.

5. Judge Reinhold told he doesn't have a chance.

4. Justices will no longer be able to compete for spot on next Ozzfest bill.

3. All cases can now only be heard over satellite radio.

2. Gavels replaced by PSP's.

1. Chief Justice Regis.

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