Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Top 12 Changes For TV Guide...

After more than 50 years in it's small digest format,TV Guide will be undergoing a transformation to a full size magazine with less listings and more articles on television shows and stars.

Here at the Blog of Pratt are the Top 12 Changes to expect for TV Guide...

12. Crossword Puzzle more challenging if written by Anna Nicole Smith.

11. New motto to be "Not dinky like that punk ass Reader's Digest anymore!"

10. "Cosmo" style quizzes to determine how hot you think Abe Vigoda is.

9. More trash talk at next company softball game vs. Entertainment Weekly.

8. In-depth reviews of Skinamax movies excluded.*sniffle**tear*.

7. Because a 6 page Kelly Ripa article is better than a 1 page Kelly Ripa article.

6. Four words-Desperate Housewives Swimsuit Issue.

5. Weekly fashion column by Joan Rivers. However, may also increase sales of paper shredders.

4. Listing could read: Magazine shucks tradition.Tries new format. TV Guide- Itself.(1948-2005)

3. Aunt Bee Centerfold.

2. Listings reduced because you can only write "Utter Crap" so many times in describing shows.

1. Miss Chanandler Bong to stop subscribing due to new format.

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