Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Top 12 Reasons the Shuttle Launch was Scrubbed Today...

NASA's return to space has been postponed with the cancellation of today's launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery. The official cause was a "faulty fuel gauge on the external engine tank". Safety is very important, given the tragedy of what happened to the crew of Columbia.

The Blog of Pratt has discovered the Top 12 OTHER reasons today's launch was scrubbed...

12. Dr. Smith caught reprogramming robot to destroy the Robinsons.

11. Chuck McCann and Bob Denver had to fill food compartments(Lunch! Not Launch!)

10. Technicians busy watching "The Amazing Race" reruns now on Game Show Network.

9. Nest of possums living in command module discovered.

8. Guy who runs Countdown really likes getting Overtime pay.

7. Pilot called to jury duty -can't get out of it.

6. Oprah denied entry to Mission Control- raises a big stink about it.

5. Flux capicator can't reach 1.21 jiggawatts.

4. Astronauts can't leave Earth without their copies of New Harry Potter book.

3. The new guy was sent to Home Depot for more duct tape-got lost.

2. For humanity's sake, NASA trying to convince Tom Cruise to join crew-walk in orbit without spacesuit.

1. Have you SEEN the cost to fill up a tank of fuel these days????

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