Saturday, August 20, 2005

Gimme Shelter...

We decided to go visit the local chapter of the House Rabbit Society today. This was where we adopted most of our bunnies. Greyton,Princess,Twizzle,Feather and Austin all came from here. We hadn't seen our friend, the shelter director in awhile, and since the rabbit shelter is in Delaware, we got up early to take a drive down, and drop off a donation for the bunnies.

We saw many cute rabbits that need good homes but 4 is enough for us right now..I will introduce you to a few of the residents though...

Here's Bam-Bam:

This is Poppy:

Here's Nibbles:



We truly hope all the bunnies will find a good home soon. Until then they are well taken care of by a great staff of volunteers at the shelter.

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