Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I'm Late..I'm Late...

This is me this morning.

Usually every morning besides an alarm clock I have several things waking me up. One of them is my cellphone alarm. Another is The Pratt Bunnies. Rabbits are crepuscular(active at dawn and dusk) and usually they are running up and down the stairs, the boys flirting with Baxter and Princess- or Greyton picks up and drops his metal pellet bowl to remind me that it is time for breakfast. they always make enough noise that it wakes us up.

Not today.

I woke up and realized it was 9am...The time I need to be at work.My cellphone was on silent so It didn't go off. A rain storm caused my power to go out for a bit overnight.

All the bunnies were lounging about, still half a snooze themselves. I mean usually Greyton at least is quite demanding of this morning carrot but nope there he was flopped out snoring.

Now I know that this holiday weekend coming up when I WANT to get some extra sleep, I will be rudely roused from sound slumber due to the pitter patter of little feet...and twitchy noses and bushy tails.

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