Monday, August 29, 2005

Meme Madness...

Mitzzee tagged me for a few of these so here goes...

The Sevens...


things I bet you don’t know about Mitzzee…

1. she has cool friends in the US;)
2. she has a delightful sense of humor
3. she digs 80's music.
4. she has a sense of wonder.
5. she has an infectous laugh.
6. she REALLY like zombies.
7. she freckles.

things i have never done and may never do…

1. smoke cigarettes
2. travel to Europe
3. enjoy my career
4. vote republican
5. get a tattoo
6. pierce something
7. swim the channel

things i did not do this weekend…

1. watched my latest batch of netflix picks.
2. finish some artwork for the Journalcon Program.
3. get on the treadmill.
4. organize my phone/address book(I just bought a new one.
5. respond to some e-mails
6. finish the laundry
7. get to sleep in late.

times i have almost died or was seriously injured…

1. The heart thing. A bad aortic valve-open heart surgery-long ass recovery. Not fun.

2. Appendix- taken out in the nick of time. Very painful.

3. Hit in the head with a baseball bat- I was the catcher during a drunken softball game with friends. A player on the other team hit a home run and threw his bat back really hard smashing my head- concussion- glasses broken- blood- it explains why I'm like this today.

4. Big head-on collision car accident. Friend was driving. I was the passenger. No real injuries except a little shock. The cops showed up and the guy who plowed into the car was a wanted criminial and was hauled off to jail.

5. Was sitting on the couch and caught Clay Aiken on tv singing- the remote batteries died and so did I having to endure that.

6. I went to an REM concert and was practically bored to death.

7. A former roomate was president of a black fraternity. One day he brought the pledges by the house before going to an event. I was in the living room watching a documentary on early Hollywood and the minute the pledges walked in the room, the documentary was talking about The Jazz Singer and showing clips of Al Jolson in blackface singing Mammy. I think I had a heart attack.

Seven bloggees i tag and HOPE will do their own sevens...:

Luscious Flo
West Coast Amber
East Coast Amber

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