Sunday, August 28, 2005

Odds and Ends...

We drove by the place where Mrs. Pratt and I had our wedding reception. It was a beautiful mansion style restaurant.Wonderfully decorated and classy. No it wasn't a Denny's. It was called the Jefferson House, and recently the restuarant and property was sold to be torn down and made into "over 55 housing". Last week they were preparing the demolition of the building, Mrs. Pratt got a few good pics...

The former entrance to the Jefferson House.

Goodbye Jefferson House.

Today we pulled into their driveway to see that they had started to destroy the house. Our reception was on the second floor in an intimate room. Sad that it's gone now.

Jefferson House half demolished.

During a recent visit to Delaware I came across this guy. Mrs. Pratt was happy I found a new friend.

Uh...that's me on the left.

Before we drove out to a local winery this morning we stopped at the diner for breakfast. in the parking lot was this license plate:

I was hoping this was owned by a carload of nuns.

And finally in this potpourri of random things, a recent shopping trip reveals what else I like to eat...

The typical diet in the Pratt Household.

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