Saturday, August 13, 2005

On the Inside...

I'm stuck inside the house today. Mainly because of the weather. This is one of the hottest days so far in Philadelphia this year. The air conditioned house is sooo much nicer than dealing with the 105 degree heat index the weather forecasters keep droning on about.

Part of the morning was spent giving Baxter some run time with the boys in the living room. Greyton got his exercise as usual, pursuing Baxter and wanting to do the rumpypumpy mambo with her.

Baxter: The Paris Hilton of the bunny world.

Greyton: Swinging bachelor bun on the prowl.

I had an idea how to really keep cool this afternoon.

Me:(Rummaging through all our videotapes)"Hmmm It has to be around in here somewhere."

Mrs. Pratt:"What are you looking for?"

Me:"The video I shot of the blizzard last winter. Nothing like watching 2 feet of snow on a day like today."

Mrs. Pratt:"You are so weird."

Me:"...And if you'd like I could assemble the Christmas tree for you."

Mrs.Pratt gives me The Look of Death.


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