Friday, August 05, 2005

Top 12 Possible Titles for the Mike Tyson - Jenna Jameson Film...

It's being reported that Mike Tyson has reportedly agreed to co-star in a porn film with Jenna Jameson.

The Blog of Pratt presents the possible Top 12 Titles for this upcoming XXX feature.

12. Ear-lingus.

11. Boxers or Briefs.

10. Sit On my Face Tattoo.

9. T.K.O..Oh...Ohhh.OOH!Yes! Yes! Yes!

8. When You Hear the Bell...SCREW!

7. It's either this or reality tv.

6. Grope-A-Dope

5. Million Dollar Booty.

4. Pugilists Gone Wild.

3. Body Blows.

2. Fuck Like A Champ.

1. Ho! Adrien!

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