Friday, August 26, 2005

Top 12 reasons the Miss America Pageant is Leaving Atlantic City...

Yes folks, There she goes...after 84 years, The Miss America Pageant is giving Atlantic City, NJ the kiss-off and moving to parts unknown...well most likely a red state where people actually CARE about the Miss America Pageant.

But why the switch? The Blog of Pratt has the Top 12 reasons the Miss America Pageant is leaving Atlantic City...

12. Miss Alabama could not get used to indoor plumbing.

11. Traditional victory dip in Atlantic Ocean marred by floating hypodermic needles.

10. Ghost of Bert Parks still haunts backstage dressing rooms.

9. Something has to break up those Dukes of Hazzard reruns on CMT.

8. Takes longer for contestants to wash off that icky Trump feeling.

7. Sandra Bullock discovered a time bomb in the tiara.

6. Sexual tension between contestants and guest star Clay Aiken too much to handle.

5. Doesn't jibe with New Atlantic City Motto:"We don't give a rat's ass."

4. Local Jersey girls complain of yearly hairspray shortage during pageant.

3. Lack of good judges... Last year's group included "Sal from Parsippany."

2. Have you ever tried to pry 52 ladies off slot machines?

1. Borgota Babes now hotter than Miss America contestants.

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