Sunday, August 14, 2005

You Spin Me Right Round...

I started going through a bunch of my old records and 45's. Having digital music today is great and everything but I kind of miss the days of the 45 (A 7" piece of vinyl played on a turntable with a needle for all you kids out there). Like the LP,sometimes the jacket for a 45 was a piece of art.

I own hundreds of 45's since I used to be a DJ, so today I decided to share some of the examples I have of cool 45 sleeves.

David Bowie-"Modern Love".

Simply Red-"The Right Thing".

The Art of Noise- "Paranoimia".

One of my favorites is this picture disc of "House of Fun" by Madness.

ABC-"Be Near Me".

It's ironic that today we can download single songs for $1.00 but back in 1983 this cost me $1.48 at the local Ames department store.

Band-Aid -"Do They Know It's Christmas". I remember buying this Christmas 1984.

One hit wonders were plentiful in the 80's. Doctor and the Medics-"Spirit in the Sky".

Here's another group that made a 80's hit then vanished. Fiction Factory-"(Feels Like) Heaven".

Pet Shop Boys- "Suburbia".

ZOINKS! Debbie Gibson-"Only in My Dreams"! Okay my only possible excuse for this 45 is maybe that I was living on Long Island in the '80's and it was mandatory to own in a DJ collection.

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