Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Assistants...

Mrs. Pratt has gone to Connecticut to do a Lighthouse trip this weekend. She happily called me late Saturday telling me of the several she visited. I had to stay home because our usual rabbit sitter wasn't available and Princess still needs her meds.

So cleaning the house was a big project today. Fortunately I had assistance. They all had whiskers and a tail. I still don't know how Greyton has come to think of the vacuum cleaner as a buddy but whenever I am vacuuming the living room he'll come bounding out of the kitchen and run right up to it. They say their hello's to one another and then he'll sit nearby just watching it go back and forth.

We wondered if we got a Roomba and the thing actually chased him whether he would still love it.

Upstairs, I was changing Princess's blankets and she decided it was a good time not to want to budge. I scooped her up and she gave me a royal grunt of disapproval. Yet as I was straightening her sleeping area out she hopped over to make sure it was done correctly.

Baxter's room is always fun to clean because she'll be curious and fussy as to what exactly am I doing. No sooner do I give her fresh litterboxes than she has her bunny butt planted in it again.

Twizzle generally freaks out when he hears the vacuum cleaner.But if I open the pantry door to get trash bags- he's ready to be of assistance- just in case that graham cracker box happens to come out too.

So I guess the bunnies are in charge of quality control- their fastidious nature is a fascinating aspect to them. They always like things "just so". They make sure I dot every I - cross every T and pass out their salads before there's trouble.

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