Thursday, September 01, 2005


Holy frijoles...Mrs. Pratt and I are sucked into watching the final week of La Madrastra, the cheesy Spanish soap opera that is a fascinating display of bad acting, and improbable plot yet more coherent than most American television shows.

In tonight's episode, we discover that Demetrio, the prosecutor is actually the real killer of Patricia 20 years ago. This is the murder that Maria then Daniela and now Esteban has been accused of! Esteban languishes in an Aruban jail while evil Tia Alba professes her love to him then holds his children Hector y Estrella hostage.They are tied up with a computer cable in an upstairs bedroom. No one can hear their cries for help because the fan is turned on too loud.

And we also discover Demetrio is an evil cross dressing devil worshiper.

That's right you heard me. After killing Ana Rosa(who had the only evidence of his crimes on video) Demetrio returns to his room and pulls out a big trunk. First he gets out the make-up kit and after some spooky music reveals himself to be the ugliest drag queen in the history of show business. Demetrio watches the tape of his crime-which if discovered could free Esteban! Then it cuts to a scene where he is shopping in full drag in a woman's department store- but Fabiola ,Bruno's wife, sees him! She think he is Daniela -Demetrio runs off leaving Fabiola confused. ...just like us.

Demetrio likes to dress up like Daniela!

Back at the hotel Demetrio hyperventilates and starts to freak out. The mirror begins to yell at him with the superimposed faces of his victims. He pulls another trunk into the room and returns in a black hooded robe, lights candles in a circle and starts chanting to a devil statue-EL DIABLO!

oooooooooooooooookay then.

Mrs. Pratt and I agreed that since we started watching this if you had told us a week ago that Demetrio was in league with El Diablo while wearing a red dress and pumps....Wow we really didn't see that one coming.

Meanwhile, the swarthy Bruno smolders and nostril flares into the camera and argues with his wife Fabiola that she was seeing things in the department store once she tells her story of seeing Daniela/Demetrio. Once again Bruno's moustache should win every acting award in Mexico.

It's All about the Bruno.

The episodes continue this week at 9pm on Univision and the big 2 hour "Gran Finale" is at 8pm Monday!

Will Hector Y Estrella break free and apprehend evil aunt Alba? Will Esteban be executed for a crime he didn't commit? Will Demetrio find better shoes to match that dress???

Trying to figure out this entire plot has me looking to Jose Cuervo for an explanation.

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