Thursday, September 08, 2005

I Am A Camera...

Mrs. Pratt has become quite enamored with She's on her page practically every night now adding photos. I'm glad she is- for a few months I wanted her to write a blog but she declined. She does however like to use her camera, so inspired by a few of my friends and their awesome flickr pages- she started her own.

Now last weekend we went to a car show. She was snapping away with her camera and I was happy because then maybe that night when I wrote a post I would be able to use some of the car pics.

She's got a little arty with some of her photos lately. They are taken at odd angles and generally unusuable by me. If I'm writing about a car show I'd like to show you the whole car not a quarter of a fender.

So I was teasing my Ansel Adams about this and then declared I would take arty flickr pics around the results:

Silly Greyton.

Shot Glasses.

Cupboard invasion.

I got the Look of Death then from her. I tried to take a picture of it but she was cursing at me worth a thousand words.

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