Friday, September 16, 2005

In Hot Water...

Yesterday morning I was headed to the basement to get some clothes from the laundry and as I opened the door it sounded like the hissing of an iron.

Me:"Did you just have the iron on?" I asked Mrs. Pratt.

Mrs.P:"No that's the leak in the water heater. Remember I told you about that yesterday?"

I groggily did. Sure enough, the bottom has rusted out a little bit out of our hot water heater and a small drip is occuring. We have french drains surrounding the walls of the basement so the small bit of water leaking out is making its way there.

We called it in to our home warranty people this morning because having an indoor pool if the thing bursts will not be fun.

Mrs. Pratt just called me and informed me that the repair guy will be arriving Monday and will be installing a new 3 day weekend for me.

Ah the joys of home ownership. It's this kind of thing that happens where I miss my old apartment. But since owning the house for 4 years now we've had the new roof- new air conditioner, and now time for this old water heater to be replaced. Our home warranty is really good about covering most of the costs.We'll see.

Keep your fingers crossed it doesn't burst before Monday.

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