Sunday, September 18, 2005

Lucky Me...

It was a beautiful weekend here in Philadelphia so we decided to head down to Atlantic City on Saturday. It was a nice way to kick off our 12th wedding anniversary. Now normally, this was the weekend where Atlantic City is seen by the world. It is usually when the Miss America Pageant is held. So for the first time in 84 years, there were no parades on the boardwalk, or hype about the pageant. Atlantic City is in the process of changing.

Looking at the amusement pier on Atlantic City's boardwalk.

Now some old things, like this old amusement park on the pier still exists, but ever since the Borgota Casino hit town, Atlantic City as a haven for the blue haired old ladies is slowly dying the blue haired old ladies. It's starting to become a younger hipper crowd there. I know I're saying "But Pratt why are YOU there?" ha ha ha.

Mrs. P. and I decided to try a different casino before heading to the House of Blues for drinks and dinner. We went to Caesar's,trying our luck on some slots- I ended up $50 up which bought us more drinks. Hail Caesar.

At Caesar's- a big statue of him..I think he was pointing us to the casino.

Dinner at the House of Blues was great. Mrs. P. had the Jambalaya and afterward we went outside to the boardwalk to walk around, enjoy the ocean breezes and get fresh air.Too much time in a smoky casino is no fun for my lungs. Some more slot playing and we headed home.Another perfect Saturday for us.

Outside the House of Blues-Atlantic City.

Today as per tradition I awoke Mrs. Pratt to the strains of the Flintstones "Happy Annniversary" song along with her morning coffee. After 12 years she silently tolerates my production number. We have been meaning to get to the movies to see March of the Penguins, so decided to catch a late afternoon matinee.

Then onward to a fabulous dinner at The California Cafe. Mrs. Pratt looked wonderful and it was all mushy and romantic and if I keep writing about it you'll all need insulin due to the sugary sweetness.

Lucky me indeed.

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