Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Top 12 Attorney's Comments heard During the Anna Nicole Smith Supreme Court Appeal...

Anna Nicole Smith's ongoing legal battle to receive her late husband's estate worth $88.6 million will be heard on appeal by the United States Supreme Court next year.

The Blog of Pratt imagines the Top 12 attorneys' comments during this landmark case of jurisprudence.

12. "Your Honors, I call to the stand..HEF!"

11. "I'm sorry Ms. Smith, the Justices aren't allowed to go out for tequila shooters during recess."

10. "Ms. Smith,President Clinton has offered his services as 'special legal counsel.'"

9. "May the stenographer read back drunken ramble?"

8. "We appeciate your impression of the statue of Justice ,Ms. Smith, but please button your blouse."

7."I do believe Court TV is doing a jig outside."

6. "We apologize Ms. Smith for Chief Justice Rehnquist's passing. We know how fond you are of dying old men."

5. "When we swear you in to testify and ask you to tell the truth ,just say 'I do'- not "Trimspa Baby!" "

4. "Ms. Smith, please keep your boobs off the scales of Justice.We don't want to know how much they weigh."

3. "Your Honors, I cite Lewinsky v. Thong for this appeal."

2. "Let the record show that Ms. Smith's former husband was a model of integrity, a paragon of sound business judgement,in sound mind when planning his estate, and really really liked big boobies."

1. "I'll ask that the Justices to please cease referring to my client as Exhibit Double D."

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