Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Top 12 FEMA Excuses...

A large part of criticism over the slowness in responding to the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina has been leveled at the Federal Emergency Management Agency(FEMA).

The Blog of Pratt has discovered the Top 12 Excuses used by FEMA...

12. We thought Oprah would show up with free cars for everyone.

11. Waiting for Tom Cruise to jump on sofa and gives us orders to move out.

10. When told to report to Southern disaster we showed up at screening of "Dukes of Hazzard" Movie.

9. The Fab Five misunderstood our acronym- were giving us makeovers when storm hit.

8. We've been hiding from Geraldo.

7. We thought The Big Easy is how the job would go.

6. All our boats used by celebrities going to MTV's VMA awards.

5. Weather Channel guys sent us on beer run. Missed news of storm as Category 4.

4. Damn We overslept.

3. Paris Hilton had all our emergency numbers on her blackberry - and she lost it again!

2. Dumb President thought we were a leg bone.

1. We just plain suck.

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