Friday, September 23, 2005

Top 12 Things to Do When Stuck in a 100 Mile Traffic Jam...

The people from Houston, Galveston and points in East Texas are trying to get out of Hurricane Rita's path. However, the evacuation has led to a massive traffic jam of about 100 miles. Thankfully, my family members who live down there were not caught in that.

The Blog of Pratt presents the Top 12 Things to do when stuck in a 100 Mile Traffic Jam...

12. Finally memorize all the Capitals of the World.

11. No time like the present to start that 12 step program.

10. Decide what baby gift to send Britney and Kevin.

9. Throw caution to the wind and eat your horded supply of Cheetos.

8. Call OnStar see if they could do something about this.

7. Track down the address of your local traffic reporter-plan to kick his ass.

6. What a great time to finish reading the complete works of Shakespeare.

5. And that symphony you've been working on...finish it.

4. After going through every curse word you know, swear in different languages.

3. Join the 100 Mile Long Club.

2. Notify Alfred you'll be a little late getting back to the Batcave.

1. Try to get up to 88 miles per hour on the shoulder, travel back in time to avoid this whole mess.

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