Monday, October 31, 2005

Monday Bunday-Halloween edition...

It's Halloween..and in Castle Von Pratt Bunnies(lightning bolts-thunder sound effect) tricks and treats are going on. Now we don't dress up the rabbits much..they really dislike it..but they still enjoy the spooky holiday...

Trick or Treat...Greyton is a cab driver for Halloween. "Where to Mac... the produce stand?" After I snapped this photo he borrowed my car and was last seen on the California freeways.

It's Twizzle! No - a Halloween surprise..Greyton masquerades as an up-earred bunny(with my help). He is not amused.

Baxter decides to be the sweetest bunny girl for Halloween. *pling* (halo appears).After I snapped this photo she egged and t.p.'d twizzle's house.

Princess Jewel decides to put on witchy ways for Halloween night. She puts a love spell on Greyton.

Twizzle decorated his castle for Trick or Treaters..He's giving out Parsley this year.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Great Pumpkin...

Pratt O' Lantern 2005

Happy Halloween

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Thursday Hareday

I wasn't the only one taking it easy today...Greyton and Twizzle all a snooze under the kitchen table.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Monday Bunday...

This week's Monday Bunday is very lackluster due to the exhausting weekend..I feel like Greyton.ZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Today is the Royal Birthday. Princess Jewel was adopted by us 8 years ago. Carrots and Romaine all around! All hail Her Royal Highness!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Monday Bunday

Princess and the Royal doppleganger.

Baxter working the cuteness while enjoying some hay.

Princess Jewel:" Prepare to celebrate My royal birthday this week Peasants!" Wednesday is 8 years since we adopted her. She was estimated to be 2 then so she is the "Queen Mum" of Bunnies at about 10.

Greyton and Twizzle acting like they own the place.

Greyton was scooped up by me. He hates to admit he likes a tummy rub.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Top 12 Signs You Have the Bird Flu...

It seems everyone worldwide is starting to freak out about a possible pandemic of Asian Bird Flu.

The Blog of Pratt has perhaps the Top 12 Sigs you have the Bird Flu...

12. Increasing appetite for sunflower seeds.

11. You're upset regurgitated worms isn't on the menu of your local diner.

10. You don't mean to call your doctor a quack it just comes out that way.

9. Shopping list includes tissues,aspirin, suet.

8. Looming feeling that the sky is falling.

7. You're tying messsages to your leg.

6. Sudden urge to go to the bathroom near statues.

5. You carpool in a V.

4. You pack up everything and move south for the winter- Oh wait... that's Top 12 Signs You Are a Senior Citizen.

3. Sam the Eagle is looking awfully attractive to you these days.

2. You got feathers where???

1. Hey! Look at those Eggs!

Monday Bunday

An extremely sleepy Mr. Twizzle..dreaming of carrots.

Twizzle washing his face..or else Greyton's litterbox needs changing.

Greyton taking a snooze in a doorway.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

A Day with Dr. Franklin...

Mrs. Pratt and I travelled to Market Street to witness a reenactment of Benjamin Franklin arriving in Philadelphia.
Benjamin Franklin greets visitors on the site of his former home.

Franklin's Philadelphia home doesn't exist anymore, but in it's place is the "ghost frame" to give you some idea of how it looked.

Kicking off Benjamin Franklin's 300th birthday. It's January 17th but today's special event begins a year and a half of Franklin celebrations.

A local baker talks to the crowd and tells about how he sold 17 year old Benjamin Franklin some puffy rolls. Franklin is newly arrived in Philadelphia-Oct.6,1723.

Benjamin Franklin in later years, and his younger counterpart listen to speeches on their behalf from the city institutions he helped found-The American Philosophical Society, The University of Pennsylvania, the Free Library of Philadelphia, also they received gratitude from the National Park Service, the Franklin Institute, and given a key to the city on behalf of the Mayor of Philadelphia.

Young and Old Benjamin Franklin walk down Market street together.

I bought a "puffy roll" as Franklin did in 1723. We ate it walking down Market Street. Then decided to go visit Franklin's grave in the Christ's Church Cemetery nearby.

An amusing epitath written by Benjamin Franklin for himself but instead his will dictated a simple stone for his grave.

Grave of Benjamin Franklin in the Christ's Church Cemetery A Philadelphia tradition- leaving pennies on it-despite having said "A penny saved is a penny earned." many people leave them as a token of esteem.

After all the Franklin fun we decided to walk around the city a bit and came across more men in tights! - it was Outfest in the gayborhood- a section in the city that includes Spruce, Locust,Pine,Chancellor,12th Sts.etc

Great music,great food, interesting people, it topped off a good day in the city.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Looking for Ben Franklin...

This week begins a Fall break for my students. It seems like they just got to school-but midterms are already over and they get the next week off. One of them asked what I'm doing for the next week and unfortunately the library doesn't get a Fall break.

She then asked what Mrs. Pratt and I were planning for the weekend. Earlier that day I had read about an event to take place Sunday in Philadelphia, and the history geek in me got a little bit over-enthused discussing it.

Me:"The 300th birthday celebration of Benjamin Franklin is kicked off this weekend, with an actor portraying young Ben and recreating according to history, Oct.6th 1723,the day 17 year old Franklin arrived by boat to Philadelphia. Hungry, he bought big loaves of bread "Puffy rolls" and walked down Market Street with the bread sticking out from under his arms. Deborah Read, his future wife, saw him that day from her door and laughed at the ridiculous site he presented. This scene is going to be recreated- and the elder Benjamin Franklin will meet his younger self.Then they get to meet and talk with the crowd."

And as I was halfway through explaining all this historical background I realized my student got that look in her eye -the same look when people would drop in on the Addams family or something.She kind of nodded politely and backed out slowly not making eye contact. My cool factor is zero.

Tremendous historical geekiness aside, we hope to be in the city and enjoy the Philadelphia that Franklin helped shaped over 250 years ago. Heavy rains are hitting this weekend though. So I hope we don't see a soaked Franklin with soggy bread.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Baxter hangs out with me when I write my blog.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Monday Bunday

Greyton and Twizzle in a big heap together.

Greyton gets a treat.

Busy Bunny makes these toast treats for bunnies. Princess enjoys one today.

Baxter is shown the birthday cake Mrs. P. and I enjoyed in her honor.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

A Visit from Another Blogger...

Today I was visited by another local blogger: Miss Plum. We had previously met up at Live8 in Philadelphia over the summer and now we were able to introduce her to the bunnies and things to do in our suburban area.

Greyton was very sociable, mainly beacuse I had the graham cracker treats on hand but he was quite friendly and allowed himself some petting.He was very "How do you do...". Twizzle was really shy and ran to his cardboard castle to hide. Baxter was a little scared. She always is when she hears a new strange voice, but eventually calmed down. Princess, who has been pretty frail lately was most appreciative of all the attention we gave her...along with some Cherrios.

After introducing her to the rabbits, we decided to take advantage of the sunny day and picnic in Valley Forge. It's only like 3 miles from the Prattcave so off to WaWa for sandwiches and the next few hours were spent relaxing in the green of the fields and trees of where Washington and his troops spent the winter of 1777-78. We walked on the trails for about a mile or two , saw some deer and the re-creations of the soldiers huts.

When we had our fill of Nature we gradually returned to urban life with a trip to the REALLY BIG MALL. Some shopping and more walking around and it was time to say our goodbyes. It really was a fun day. Miss Plum and Mrs. Pratt took lots of photos for their flickr pages. it was Miss Plum who inspired Mrs. Pratt to do her page on flickr.

We had a great day and hopefully more bloggers will come to visit us.