Sunday, October 09, 2005

A Day with Dr. Franklin...

Mrs. Pratt and I travelled to Market Street to witness a reenactment of Benjamin Franklin arriving in Philadelphia.
Benjamin Franklin greets visitors on the site of his former home.

Franklin's Philadelphia home doesn't exist anymore, but in it's place is the "ghost frame" to give you some idea of how it looked.

Kicking off Benjamin Franklin's 300th birthday. It's January 17th but today's special event begins a year and a half of Franklin celebrations.

A local baker talks to the crowd and tells about how he sold 17 year old Benjamin Franklin some puffy rolls. Franklin is newly arrived in Philadelphia-Oct.6,1723.

Benjamin Franklin in later years, and his younger counterpart listen to speeches on their behalf from the city institutions he helped found-The American Philosophical Society, The University of Pennsylvania, the Free Library of Philadelphia, also they received gratitude from the National Park Service, the Franklin Institute, and given a key to the city on behalf of the Mayor of Philadelphia.

Young and Old Benjamin Franklin walk down Market street together.

I bought a "puffy roll" as Franklin did in 1723. We ate it walking down Market Street. Then decided to go visit Franklin's grave in the Christ's Church Cemetery nearby.

An amusing epitath written by Benjamin Franklin for himself but instead his will dictated a simple stone for his grave.

Grave of Benjamin Franklin in the Christ's Church Cemetery A Philadelphia tradition- leaving pennies on it-despite having said "A penny saved is a penny earned." many people leave them as a token of esteem.

After all the Franklin fun we decided to walk around the city a bit and came across more men in tights! - it was Outfest in the gayborhood- a section in the city that includes Spruce, Locust,Pine,Chancellor,12th Sts.etc

Great music,great food, interesting people, it topped off a good day in the city.

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