Monday, October 31, 2005

Monday Bunday-Halloween edition...

It's Halloween..and in Castle Von Pratt Bunnies(lightning bolts-thunder sound effect) tricks and treats are going on. Now we don't dress up the rabbits much..they really dislike it..but they still enjoy the spooky holiday...

Trick or Treat...Greyton is a cab driver for Halloween. "Where to Mac... the produce stand?" After I snapped this photo he borrowed my car and was last seen on the California freeways.

It's Twizzle! No - a Halloween surprise..Greyton masquerades as an up-earred bunny(with my help). He is not amused.

Baxter decides to be the sweetest bunny girl for Halloween. *pling* (halo appears).After I snapped this photo she egged and t.p.'d twizzle's house.

Princess Jewel decides to put on witchy ways for Halloween night. She puts a love spell on Greyton.

Twizzle decorated his castle for Trick or Treaters..He's giving out Parsley this year.

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