Monday, October 10, 2005

Top 12 Signs You Have the Bird Flu...

It seems everyone worldwide is starting to freak out about a possible pandemic of Asian Bird Flu.

The Blog of Pratt has perhaps the Top 12 Sigs you have the Bird Flu...

12. Increasing appetite for sunflower seeds.

11. You're upset regurgitated worms isn't on the menu of your local diner.

10. You don't mean to call your doctor a quack it just comes out that way.

9. Shopping list includes tissues,aspirin, suet.

8. Looming feeling that the sky is falling.

7. You're tying messsages to your leg.

6. Sudden urge to go to the bathroom near statues.

5. You carpool in a V.

4. You pack up everything and move south for the winter- Oh wait... that's Top 12 Signs You Are a Senior Citizen.

3. Sam the Eagle is looking awfully attractive to you these days.

2. You got feathers where???

1. Hey! Look at those Eggs!

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