Sunday, October 02, 2005

A Visit from Another Blogger...

Today I was visited by another local blogger: Miss Plum. We had previously met up at Live8 in Philadelphia over the summer and now we were able to introduce her to the bunnies and things to do in our suburban area.

Greyton was very sociable, mainly beacuse I had the graham cracker treats on hand but he was quite friendly and allowed himself some petting.He was very "How do you do...". Twizzle was really shy and ran to his cardboard castle to hide. Baxter was a little scared. She always is when she hears a new strange voice, but eventually calmed down. Princess, who has been pretty frail lately was most appreciative of all the attention we gave her...along with some Cherrios.

After introducing her to the rabbits, we decided to take advantage of the sunny day and picnic in Valley Forge. It's only like 3 miles from the Prattcave so off to WaWa for sandwiches and the next few hours were spent relaxing in the green of the fields and trees of where Washington and his troops spent the winter of 1777-78. We walked on the trails for about a mile or two , saw some deer and the re-creations of the soldiers huts.

When we had our fill of Nature we gradually returned to urban life with a trip to the REALLY BIG MALL. Some shopping and more walking around and it was time to say our goodbyes. It really was a fun day. Miss Plum and Mrs. Pratt took lots of photos for their flickr pages. it was Miss Plum who inspired Mrs. Pratt to do her page on flickr.

We had a great day and hopefully more bloggers will come to visit us.

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