Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Bloggers are Coming..The Bloggers are Coming...

The next two days I'll be cleaning my house. Company is arriving on Saturday. Through the good fortune of geography and holiday family visiting several cool people who I met at Journalcon will be getting together with me Saturday.Actually showing up at my door.

I cleared it with Mrs. P. gatekeeper of my door.

me:"Hey local bloggers are coming to visit." I explain the logistics.

Mrs. Pratt: Look of ..well you know where this is going.....

I assured her that everybody visiting was normal,and did not have rabies or bird flu or anything , and assured her that the next time she wants to have people from her lighthouse cult over I would be cool.

I'm thrilled it's happening.I don't get many visitors. Maybe it's the moat.So it will be nice to show off the Prattcave, the Prattmobile,the rabbits, The look of Death from Mrs. Pratt. I feel a little bit like a sideshow barker...

"And here are the amazing pratt bunnies.See them eat carrots! See them eat lettuce! It baffles science!" "Here is the room where the Blog of Pratt hails from. Ignore the Hooters calender on the wall please. Step this way."

But honestly, after kind of spending a decade sheltered away from the world it's nice to socialize again.Even for a day. Yeah I'm all squeelike and a big pile of goo but the friendships formed through Journalcon are very special.So keeping them going is important for me.

So it's up at the crack of dawn for me tomorrow to turn the Prattcave into looking hospitable and not like it's usual disaster area. I'm sure the bunnies will want to help me.Greyton does love that vacuum cleaner you know.

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