Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Greyton Impossible...

I have no idea whether it was a full moon, the planets aligned just so, or he got his issue of "Fluffy Bunny" monthly but Greyton was a bun with a mission late last night.

And that mission was to hump the heck out of Twizzle.

It started around 11:30. I was ready to go to bed after dealing with my computer problems all evening. A good night's sleep was just what I needed. But as I started drifting off I heard Greyton in the upstairs hallway. He was making his little grunting noises. Rabbits can be vocal and he makes this noise which sounds like a combination grunt and whimper. He usually makes that sound when very happy.

I look into the hallway and he's mounted Twizzle in the usual style- from the front.Oh Lord. It's Bunny facefuckfest.

Baxter was watching this whole scene in front of her and eventually got bored and ran off to her bed. Greyton usually hangs out with Baxter by her gate and I think just got a good whiff of her scent that sent him into orbit. It's shocking to see him so active because he is almost 9 years old and usually is a big loaf around the house.

After prying Greyton off Twizzle's head, Twizzle ran downstairs and Greyton followed in hot pursuit. I heard chasing and running.And the happy noise. I went downstairs to break it up.

Usually Greyton gets in his "Mood" then settles down after a few minutes.Oh no - not tonight. He was in full blown 'Hef' mode. All he needed was the pipe and robe.

Twizzle for his part in all this either bowed to submission to head humping or got ticked off enough to start biting Greyton's butt in retaliation. The dance continued for another half hour. I'd seperate them and Greyton would get active again. I was losing my patience.

For Twizzle's safety and piece of mind I put him in the cage where we keep a litter box. Greyton wandered off and promptly fell asleep. I dozed on the couch - about an hour later Twizzle was making noises at the cage door wanting to be let out.

Thinking the sex storm had passed, I did. Hearing Twizzle out again caused Greyton to start his engine and more rounds of running, chasing, biting and head humping.

I had had enough. It was now like 2:30am. Greyton for the first time in over 5 years spent the rest of the night in his cage. He hasn't been this bad in about that long.

This morning he was let out. Greyton and Twizzle had their usual good morning nudges but that was it.

As I left the house this morning I could have sworn I saw Greyton typing a letter on the laptop. It began "I never thought this would happen to me...."

*sigh* Those bunnies.

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