Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Lights Out...

I know that for people who really don't want trick -or-treaters coming to their door they turn the front porch light out but my street really was not in the spirit of Halloween this year.

The grand total-22 kids.
3 ninjas...not the movie.
2 Batmans..or batmen?
2 witches- so that Macbeth scene was out.
3 princesses- although one had wings so was a fairy princess.
1 tinkerbell...not the chihuahua.
1 tasmanian devil
1 Spider-Man
1-um hard to tell dress and rainbow wig but a dude.....Dennis Rodman maybe?
1 mad scientist
3 bloddy interns
1 death
1 black cat
1 spotted dinosaur
1 gigantic twinkie...and by 1 gigantic twinkie I am not referring to the names Mrs. Pratt called me for walking around in a giant Scooby Doo outfit all night-those were worse...No this guy was a big Hostess Twinkie.

Finally the nice neighbors brought over Little Nice Neighbor dressed as a baby lamb. It was the cutest costume next to mine.

But by 8:30pm I looked up the street and practically everybody's porch light was out.
So even if kids were coming from other neighborhood seeing the darkness of my street would be a deterrent. I blew out the Pratt o'lantern and called it a night.

So Halloween 2005 is over too quickly. I have about 7 bags of uneaten candy that will go quick at work. Of course I could use the extra candy rush as I begin the Nanorwrimo project for november. Nanowrimo is National Novel writing Month. the goal is to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. i completed it last year, and have begun my new project "The Rabbit in the Hat"

Time to sleep though..I'll listen for rabbits that go thump in the night.

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