Saturday, November 05, 2005

Lucky Rabbit ...

Friday night until late this afternoon I was in Atlantic City. It was a hectic work week for both of us so it was a nice break. I rubbed the rabbits' feet for luck before I left.Mrs. Pratt and I had tickets to see Guster at House of Blues. We decided to stay at Harrah's where they put us on the top floor and here's the view...

Atlantic City at night.

Ryan the lead singer of Guster summed up A.C. perfectly at last night's concert."It's a land of many styles of architecture...Western...Eastern....uh..Roman." Despite the overabundence of neon Atlantic City is always a fun diversion for us every few months. i love to people watch in Atlantic City. It is a fascinating parade of the desperate, the greedy, the hedonist, and the elderly on life support.

Before the concert we grabbed a quick bite at a small restaurant that served sandwiches. We watched with amusement as a sweat suit clad gold chain wearing gel soaked extra from "Growing Up Gotti" tried to pay for a turkey club with a $5 casino chip.When Paulie was told the he needed real money, he whistled.(Whistled) to a member of his "crew" to fork over some cash. There were so many sweat suits with this group I thought It was an Olympic training center. As I said- I love to witness things like this.But I can't mock too much or with that group I'd end up in the witness protection program or a landfuill in Staten Island..

We've been to House of Blues for lunch and dinner but this was the first show we've been able to catch in there. Guster was superb as always.Go buy their music. Now.

The opening act was really good too they were a 5 piece band called Matt Pond PA -one of them played the cello. Yes it was rockin' cello. I thought I saw Yo Yo Ma in the mosh pit.But Matt Pond PA is now another new group I want to listen to. I really liked their set. Cd shopping this week I guess.

An odd thing about the balcony seating in House of Blues is that they have waitress service during the concert.They had several bars within the performance space.But during songs a waitress was going around asking if anyone would want anything? Um how about attention and quiet for the performance? But anyway,it wasn't only drinks..but food! Now the balcony seats aren't like sitting at nightclub's seats like in any theater.

Imagine really enjoying a performance of a certain song and at a special part you love hearing live suddenly your attention is jarred by "Another Heinieken Hun?" in your ear. Gah.

So at the beginning of the show, a dude gets his plate of french fries, and later on I look to my right and see a girl eating a salad! Your eyes are not playing tricks on you you read that correctly. Eating a salad. Plate,fork..dressing, croutons. Once again my dreams for another Altamont went unaswered.

We got back to our hotel by 1am and crashed. I was wide awake at 8 am so while Mrs. Pratt was still asleep went downstairs to find coffee and maybe drop some coin.

I started off relaizing that I did happen to have 6 quarters in my pocket. So I plunked them into a machine and immediately hit for $30. Did I feel lucky punk? You bet I did.

I cashed out to use that for later and got coffee for us. Mrs. Pratt was bemused at my luck. usually when I come to Atlantic City I'll do ok at the slots but never hit anything big. She always seems to find the nickel slots that pay off constantly so she can stretch the original $20 in a machine for hours.

But today was my day. After more coffee I used my $30 and within an hour stepped it up to $60.not bad for a $1.50 to begin.

So lunch was definitely on me.We checked out of Harrah's and did House of Blues for lunch. then more slots until we left at 3. But my streak of luck continued. The first machine I sat at-The Munsters started paying off a lot - Mrs. Pratt was trying to win at the game next to me- something with unicorns and toadstools..and it just sucked her money away. So she goes off to find a different game. The minute she leaves-I hit for 1200 points- which on nickel slots is $60. She wandered back to see the high total and think she may have been a little miffed that I was doing well for once.HA! Victory is Mine! So I finished up about $100. Huzzah for me.

When we were walking through the casino we always are astounded at the number of elderly people.I mean not that their old but the level of infirmities we see. We were talking about the people with oxygen tanks and electric scooters for their oxygen tanks..and then an old couple came by and I felt bad. The wife was definitely paralyzed from a stroke. By she still had her members card clutched in her hand. But this lady was frozen. I'm talking- Capt. Pike from Star Trek.

"Who helps her play the slots? Is their a helper monkey?" I asked Mrs. P.

Mrs. Pratt gave me the Look of Death. I told her to be careful. One wrong glance and a dozen seniors could pass on.

We got home late afternoon and the bunnies were all well. Much thanks to Mrs. Nice Neighbor who came by to check on them and give them breakfast. I'm glad Greyton didn't get his freak on in front of you. Lucky you.

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